Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentines Day Personal Safety Gifts

Can't find a unique enough gift for your better half? Buy him or her a self defense weapon. What can be more appropriate than to give someone you love, a safety gift that can protect them from violent crime?

Valentines Day is just around the corner and unfortunately, so is crime. Providing your loved one with something as simple as pepper spray or a stun gun, can make a big difference on how secure they feel when they are confronted with personal danger. A non-lethal weapon won't kill someone, but it can stop attackers in their tracks, giving the potential victim, a chance to escape.

Stun guns and pepper spray personal safety weapons also come disguised as other objects. Some look like a regular pen, lipstick, perfume, pager, etc. This is to hide from an attacker the fact that you are actually carrying a personal safety weapon.

Browse through our site and see what you can find for your loved one! If your gift is for a woman, we actually have a heart shaped Perfume Pepper Spray! Perfect for her on Valentines Day. If you are searching for him, the Mace Pepper Spray Baton might suit him, and it also has a convenient key ring. There are many items to choose from. Also, please feel free to call us with any questions.

Hope you have a wonderful and safe Valentines Day!
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