Thursday, January 19, 2012

Susan B. Anthony List, Writes Legislation that Hurts New Hampshire Women

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New Hampshire is considering getting rid of laws that protect domestic violence victims and is also considering defunding Planned Parenthood. This is a double whammy against women in New Hampshire, especially for low-income women! These laws were written by the Susan B. Anthony List (not to be confused with other Susan B. Anthony organizations) and the Alliance Defense fund.

The House of representatives in the state voted 207 to 147, to prohibit funding from the state to any clinic that provides abortions, which includes Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, besides performing abortions, also provides breast exams and pap smears among other services in various states. This breaks a forty year stance of New Hampshire to assist family planning services and abortions.

Today New Hampshire is also considering a bill that requires an officer to actually witness a domestic violence incident, in order for him or her to make an arrest. Even if the woman is bleeding or bruised up, the officer cannot take the abuser into custody, unless they come back with a warrant for the domestic violence. Along with this absurd law the state is also voting on a separate law that limits the grounds or reasons for which an officer can arrest an abuser.

Can you imagine what the real Susan B. Anthony, the women's civil rights leader, would have thought about this?
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