Monday, August 31, 2015

Pepper Spray, Personal Alarm and Bicycle Headlight... Perfect For College!

It's that time of the year when college doors open and students gather all the stuff needed to succeed in their education. But what about campus safety?
Sure, most colleges have campus police... But students shouldn't just rely on them. Things happen in many different ways and places! College girls and boys have enough on their plate, let alone, having to watch their back for attackers... Our website contains a package that contains 3 different units: pepper spray, personal alarm and a bicycle safety headlight! It's called the Exercise Sports Package.

Although the the name of the package doesn't mention it to be for students, we thought it appropriate to inform you of what this handy threesome includes!

Mace Jogger Pepper Spray - Studying isn’t all you do on campus... running, jogging or walking is a big part of staying healthy during attendance. This pepper spray unit will protect your son or daughter from attackers.

Bicycle Safety Headlight - Campuses can be huge and require a lot of walking. But with a bicycle safety headlight, it’s easier to get around campus even at night!

Mini Personal Panic Alarm - This personal alarm has 120dB. Campus police can hear the alarm and go to a student that needs help! The very easy to use personal alarm, sets off by simply squeezing both sides with one hand.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mace® Flasher Personal Safety Light

Mace doesn't only make pepper spray, they also make safety lights for, bikers, joggers or students that mostly do their activities during the evening.
Many of us work at night or like to exercise at night because it's cooler out. One of the drawbacks about going out when it's dark is that drivers sometimes can't see you when you are riding a bike, brisk walking or jogging. This is when the Mace® Flasher Personal Safety Light, comes in handy! Not only do people that exercise benefit from this Flasher Personal Safety Light, but students also benefit from it. Many students walk to college night classes and they can clip the flashing red light unit on the top of their backpack where others can see it. People that take public transportation can also benefit from this unit...

This Mace light includes a belt clip on the back and a convenient strap for placing it, for example, around the arm for your exercise routine, as well!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Do You Have A Furry Pet At Home?

In case you didn't know, yesterday was National Dog Day! Wouldn't it be nice if you could give your furry companion a safety light, so pedestrians and cars can see him or her, while walking outdoors?
Whether you just got a new pet or have a furry one already at home, you should consider keeping him or her safer, with a new product called Pet Blinkers! As you know... being outside at night can be visually challenging. Protecting your dog with these handy safety units, makes sense, especially if you walk them at night! These Pet Blinkers include a light that aims towards the ground. It makes it easier for others to see your beloved hairy one, therefore protecting him or her from being hit by a vehicle. It's also convenient, if your dog escapes to chase a critter, because you will be able to see the light and know where your pup is!

Consider purchasing Pet Blinkers for your furry companion's safety at night and let others know, how important it is for their wellbeing and every pet owner's peace of mind!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mace® Window Glass Breakage Alarm, Great For Homes and College Dorms

Did you know that Mace makes glass breakage alarms? Not only are they good for homes, but also perfect for college dorms!

Simplicity and protection is what comes to mind, when you mention the Mace® Window Glass Breakage Alarm! The units only cost $11.99 each and are easy to install in your home or college dorm. In fact, there really is no screws or extra attachments with this unit. All that is necessary is to take the paper backing off the tacky backside of the unit and simply stick it on a window.... installment done!

This Mace® Window Glass Breakage Alarm for your residence or dorm, is not only simple to install but to use, as well! The unit can detect vibrations or breakage! It includes a 95dB sound to notify you if someone is trying to break into your home or college dorm. Plus, you have the easy choice of turning it on or off, so it's flexible, in case you want to open a room for fresh air!

If you or someone you know, needs a simple unit that is affordable, this Mace® Window Glass Breakage Alarm is the best solution. By the way, the battery is included and can always be replaced for years to come!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

College Self Defense Package For Students

Who would have thought that there would be a time when college students had to carry self defense weapons for protection against rapist or attackers, especially our daughters?
Unfortunately this is the new reality regarding college campuses. Students need non lethal weapons to prevent dangerous encounters with other students that might be intoxicated by alcohol or any other drug. These substances could easily transform a male student into a rapist or get him out of control! If you are sending your daughter to college, in particular, keep in mind that it is of the most importance to equip her with self defense items.

At we have what's called the College Self Defense Package. It includes 3 helpful items to prevent from being hurt by a rapist or attacker: a Pepper Spray Pen, Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm and a Runt Mini Stun Gun. All of these self defense units are non lethal and can assist in defending your daughter or son. Simply select the link above and get informed on our non lethal self defense package!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray For Exercising Outdoors

That's right, a pepper spray for jogging, which improves your brain and a CONVENIENT HAND STRAP to free your hands for holding other things, such as a water bottle!
There is no excuse anymore for not taking pepper spray with you for self defense, when you are exercising outdoors. This simple hand strap changes everything for women! Working out in the fresh air is actually better for your brain, because it's not like a treadmill, that makes you feel and think like a caged hamster. Doctors say that the more your brain is engaged with other things like crossing streets, meeting other people, checking traffic, watching your steps on a sidewalk... the better off your brain memory becomes!

With this in mind, if you have been on treadmills lately, perhaps it's time to change your routine to help your mental well-being, along with your body! This is where the self defense Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray for women, comes into play...

With all the freedom, sometimes risks are involved. We're talking about criminals, that ruin all the fun! That's why it's important to carry some sort of protection. Mace for women has been around for decades. Your mom probably used it at some point in her life and so should you! Carry a self defense weapon with you whenever you go out. It's small and easy to carry, plus it will protect you from criminals. This unit includes a hand strap, so that your hands are free to do other things, such as holding a water bottle. The Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray measures 4.25" h x 1" w x 1.25" d. It reaches 8-12 feet, includes up to 20 bursts, handy flip top, clip, a keychain and an invisible UV Marking Dye which helps police identify an attacker!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Do You Or Your Daughter Need A Self Defense Spray That's Compact, Yet Powerful?

This little self defense beauty is great to carry around with it's convenient keychain that can be placed in your purse, attached to it's handle, in your pocket or your regular keyring. Great  for college students, too!
Compact, so it can fit practically anywhere, this small unit will surprise any person with bad intentions. Simply flip the top up and press down, for instant self defense. The Mace® PepperGard Pepper Spray Pocket Model protects women or men from rapists or criminals.

Unfortunately many women fall victim to dangerous individuals, be it at college or in a city. We need a product that can help us, if we are confronted with a rapist or a criminal. It's important for us to carry a non lethal weapon, too! Carrying a lethal one, can have dreadful consequences, if an attacker uses it against you!

Pepper spray has been around for decades... Prooving that it's effective self defense against rapists or criminals. This particular Mace® unit can reach 6 to 12 feet away, contains 5, one-second bursts and only measures 3 and 1/8 inches tall. Plus, it includes an invisible UV Dye to help police identify your attacker.

All women need to consider carrying a non lethal weapon such as Mace®. Especially female college students which are rated the highest amongst sexual assault victims in our country.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Police Say Man Invited His Daughter's Rapist to Dinner and Tortured Him

This incidence posted by Gabrielle Bluestone, took place on November 2014, but it's very worth telling again...
Image via Shutterstock
Police say a man in India took the law into his own hands when he used a fake dinner invitation to lure his daughter's alleged rapist over for a night of torture and, ultimately, murder.

The father allegedly discovered his daughter had been raped by a 45-year-old married medical supplier while he was away on a business trip. According to the Indian Express, the girl told her father what happened despite threats of violence.

Fearing "a bad name for his daughter," the man bypassed police and dealt out his own deadly justice.

Reports the Express:

"The father called the medicine supplier over to his house saying he wanted to discuss some issue. He served him dinner. After the meal, the father overpowered the man and tied him to a chair. He got heated tongs and burned the supplier's genitals before strangling him to death. He came to the police station and surrendered himself," an officer said.

The father reportedly told police he had planned his revenge from the moment he found out about the rape but never intended to kill the man.

By Gabrielle Bluestone, from the "GAWKER"

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

8.8 Million Volts For Women's Self Defense AND Helps Find A Cure For Breast Cancer!

This wonderful unit was made for women's self defense and at the same time helps to find a cure for Breast Cancer... Protection from both threats that us females so desperately need!
Us women don't need to have huge muscles to defend ourselves from rapists or attackers anymore. Purchasing a non lethal unit, such as the Small Fry Mini Stun Gun 8.8 Million Volts Pink will do the trick! It's so simple to use, just touch a rapist or attacker, and watch them fall down and eventually become disoriented and unable to stand up! Again, no muscles needed from you. The electricity goes through clothes and even can stun through a metal door knob, as well... PLUS, don't forget that it also helps the cause to eliminate Breast Cancer, because a portion of the proceeds goes toward the fight for a cure!

Stun Gun Self Defense Features To Simplify Your Experience:
- 8.8 Million volts of takedown power
- Convenient built in charger, plugs into wall
- Huge LED flashlight
- Disable pin wrist strap, if attacker takes it from you, it won't work
- Rubberized, won't slip from your fingers
- Safety switch with red light ready indicator
- Nylon holster for carrying or simply put in purse or pocket
- Measures 4 x 2 1/8 x 7/8 inches
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacture's defect

Don't forget that by purchasing this 8 Million Volt, self defense stun gun, you will be able to better defend yourself AND also be helping other women to beat Breast Cancer through research!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Dangers Of Using Crystal Glasses Or Containers For Dining Or Parties

They’re beautiful and elegant, but are those decorative containers safe? What you should know about using them.

We all know that lead in homes has been proven to be hazardous. But what about the beautiful crystal you have for serving champagne or wine in? Did you know that lead is also included in these glasses? Crystalware can contain up to 33% lead. The more it has the more sparkly it looks and the more it will ring when toasting against another glass!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to throw your Crystalware away! BUT, if you have large beverage containers made of the shiny glass, make sure that after your guests are gone, you pour the liquid back to their original containers! You see, the longer it sits in a crystal container, the more it leaches the hazardous lead into your beverage!

Take out your magnificent Crystalware glasses, and show them off… But make sure that any alcohol or any other beverage leftovers, be poured back to their original non hazardous containers.

Source: Lorraine M. Whitney and Michael J. Hynes

Monday, August 17, 2015

Just Because Someone Is Handicapped Or Elderly, Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Defend Themselves!

If you or someone you know, uses a walking cane, it’s important to know there is one, which also can be used as a stun gun, for self defense.

Handicapped or elderly individuals can use the ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun With Flashlight, for personal protection from attackers! The 1 Million Volt cane will drop a criminal down, allowing a handicapped or elderly individual to escape from harms way! Simply touching an attacker with it, until they fall down and become mentally confused, will suffice!

ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun With Flashlight Features
- 1 Million volts of takedown power
- Includes 7.7” of shocking electrodes along the bottom of the cane
- Cane adjust’s from 32-36 inches
- Can sustain up to 250 pounds
- It’s lightweight, just a little over a pound
- Includes safety light with on/off switch
- Includes built in flashlight on the handle, temporarily blinds…
- Rechargeable batteries included
- Adapter for charging
- Equipped with a nylon carrying case
- Rubberized tip on bottom of cane, prevents slippage
- Includes limited 2 year warranty from manufacture’r defect

Consider having extra protection if you or someone you know, uses a cane to get around! 1 Million Volts is powerful voltage, especially when a person is handicapped or elderly and vulnerable to attackers.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Do You Have A Daughter Or Son In College?

If you do, you might consider a self defense package designed for college students which includes the essentials for personal safety.

Many parents are preparing their children for a higher education and many times the topic of safety is buried amongst other issues, such as required books, writing utensils, etc. But we’re here to remind parents, the importance of your child’s self defense, as well!

We gathered some products in our store that are perfect for college students. It’s called the College Dorm Safety Package. It consists of 3 items: a stun gun, door brace and Mace window alarm. Below are the summarized details…

College Dorm Safety Package

1. Runt Stun Gun 20 Million Volts - Besides it’s impressive 20 million volts, it also has a large LED light, built in charger, disable pin, rubberized shell and holster. Stun guns only require touching an attacker with it. Available in several colors and patterns, plus perfect for self defense.

2. Dual Function Door Brace - Keeps intruders away and works for sliding glass doors as well as for conventional doors. This Door Brace is adjustable and made of 20 gauge steel, perfect for student dorms.

3. Mace Window Glass Breakage Alarm - Has a 95 decibel alarm, to notify of an intruder and detects glass vibration. Plus, it’s very easy to install, just sticks to glass and battery is included.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Serious About Your Safety? Get A TASER C2

Police around the world are using Tasers, because they are non lethal, yet effective in dropping a person down and rendering them temporarily helpless.

It's the weapon of the future and it's here now! If you have an archaic gun, it's time to keep up with technology. You don't have to kill a person and go to jail anymore... Plus, it's easy to use for women, because when shooting it, there is no kick back that can hurt your shoulder. Simply slide the safety cap back and shoot! Unlike firearms, the Taser C2 for self defense of 15 feet, deploys prongs not bullets, perfect for women! Did we say non lethal? Just wanted to reiterate that...

It includes incredible convenient self defense features that you don't see in firearms. As mentioned before, it's non lethal and can reach up to 15 feet away! If you are a bad aimer, no worries there because it has laser aiming. This means that where you see the red dot of the laser, the prongs will land! Since there are two prongs, the second bottom one, will be further down. Actually if you tase a person and want to escape as soon as possible, you can lay the unit on the ground and it will tase on it's own for 30 seconds more, while you escape! Of course, unlike firearms, there is no gun powder cleanup required. This unit also has an LED flashlight and backup stun gun. Backup stun gun can be used after the prongs have already been deployed and there are other criminals threatening you! There are other features to this unit that you can read about on our website, as well!

Here's the best thing about the Taser C2 with 15 feet of self defense, which initially was built for women, but men carry it too... Taser International will replace the Taser C2, if stolen from you during an attack! All you would need is a police report of the incident. Plus of course, it's available in 6 colors to choose from!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mace Tear Gas Pepper Spray With Convenient Glow In The Dark Trigger!

Mace has been around for decades and if you are looking for reliability, this brand surpasses all others, plus it has TEAR GAS!
Pepper spray is used by women and men around the world for personal self defense. Students also carry it around college campuses, as well.

Carrying a non lethal self defense weapon such as pepper spray, won't land you in prison, yet it offers an opportunity to escape from harms way. This Mace® Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case with TEAR GAS, is easy to carry because it has a convenient keyring that you can attache to your purse, backpack or place it inside your briefcase, too!

The Mace® Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case with TEAR GAS is easy to use... Simply unbutton the top of the pepper spray unit, turn the safety lever and push down to spray! Always keep it prepared, if you are in unfamiliar territory, such as an alley, parking lot or stairway... Always have it with you when you go to nightclubs. This is especially important for women, in particular!

Self defense for women or men include; 5 one second bursts, 10 ft. reach, TEAR GAS, glow in the dark trigger, invisible UV Dye to help police identify your attacker and a convenient key ring!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lipstick Pepper Spray, The Best Self Defense Weapon For Women In College!

Most every female that goes to college, includes a lipstick either in her purse, briefcase or backpack. So it’s not strange to see college students take out their favorite color and use it to touch up…

But is it really a lipstick or a disguised weapon? You guessed it, a disguised weapon. In fact, at our website, we feel it’s the best weapon for women to use against an attacker. Handy for college, work or for simply going around town.

We have two brands of lipstick pepper spray weapons on our site and this time we’ll focus on the Mace Lipstick Pepper Spray! These units for students, look like an ordinary cosmetic container, but they really are made by Mace, for women’s self defense. Their available in 4 solid colors, 2 polka dot colors and 3 Rhinestone colors! All disguised to look like a regular cosmetic.

These Mace pepper spray units are perfect for college students, because women can take them out and nobody will know it’s a self defense weapon! All you have to do is take the cap off and spray… that simple! These units can reach 10 feet away and contain approximately 5 one-second bursts.

Monday, August 10, 2015

U.S. Department Of Justice, Launches Website To Advise Colleges On Sexual Assault

Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates
Tyler Kingkade
Senior Editor/Reporter, The Huffington Post
Posted: 08/06/2015 11:47 AM EDT

The U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women unveiled a new website Wednesday aiming to help guide colleges on how to address sexual violence on campus.
The website,, is billed as a one-stop-shop for administrators, faculty and staff at colleges and universities. It includes round ups of research and resources specific to dating and domestic violence and stalking, both issues that colleges are obligated to address in addition to sexual assault due to the gender equity law Title IX.
Schools can also engage in a compliance check with the campus safety law the Clery Act, and watch webinars and listen to podcasts about how to respond to reports of sexual assault from students. The website includes information on groups students can go to, like End Rape On Campus, if they are interested in filing a complaint against their school. There are plans to add resources specific to historically black universities, faith-based schools and tribal colleges.
The DOJ pledged in a news release to "seek guidance and input from campus-based experts, campus communities, and grassroots groups" committed to ending sexual and intimate-partner violence.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

College Is Just Around The Corner, Make Sure Your Child Carries A Personal Alarm!

Make sure your student daughter or son, takes a personal alarm with 130dB and flashing light, when they go to college this Fall. Especially with all the violence lately on campuses and surrounding housing areas.
Truth is, it's not getting any better... But fortunately, we have several models to choose from on our website and they are all reasonably priced for students. One in particular is called the Personal Alarm with Flashing Light. It's perfect for your daughter or son when on campus because it has the highest pitch allowed for civilians, 130dB alarm! The unit can be attached to a belt, skirt or pants as well. Perfect for college!

130dB Personal alarm includes extra convenient attachments, for college students as well!
- Clipped cord attached to pocket, or purse, will set off alarm with flashing light, if someone grabs it
- Can be used as an alarm for dorm window or entrances to scare off intruders
- The clip can also be used as an accessory to protect a computer or personal property
- The light can also be non-blinking and used for non emergencies, such as helping w/night vision
- Measures 3" x 2" x 1"

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Disguised Self Defense Weapons For College Girls

Let's lower the rates of women rapes in college, by equipping female students with non lethal, disguised stun guns that look like a lipstick for protection!

The best weapons against attackers are the ones that don't look like weapons at all... You see, they bring an element of surprise, to a would be attacker. A female student in college can take out a weapon, without anyone thinking it's a self defense unit. We have several disguised, non lethal weapons in our store, and this one is called, the Lipstick Stun Gun Red 3 Million Volts! It's also available in black, purple, gold and pink... perfect for women.

All female students have to do for protection, is touch, not push, a bad intentioned individual with the end of the unit for self defense. Keep touching him or her until they fall to the ground and become totally helpless. Best place is to touch them on the neck, but any other place will suffice. It even can stun through clothes. Then, simply leave the scene as soon as possible. In this case, probably go to the campus police!

Disguised Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volts For College Women
• It's rechargeable, no batteries needed
• Includes a built in flashlight
• Only measures 5" x 1"
• 3 Million volts of disguised protection for self defense
• Available in red, black, purple, gold and pink
• Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defect

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is Your Daughter Attending College For The First Time?

Parents that have young women going to college for the first time, get nervous about their child's safety. But if you prepare your daughter with safety tips, they should be just fine!

The statistics are not encouraging; One in four college women report that they have survived rape or an attempt of rape during their lifetime. But there are ways to avoid dangerous situations around college campuses. Below you will find some tips, that you should pass along to your daughter before you send her off for her education.

Safety Tips For College Women
• Always take a Personal Alarm with you to notify campus police if you're in danger
• Avoid taking evening classes, if at all possible or ask for campus police escort
• When at parties, never drink from a punch bowl, it might have date rape pills in it
• Never drink from an open container or glass if you didn't see it get poured
• Always request for a closed or sealed beverage, if someone offers you a drink
• Never leave your beverage alone, keep it with you at all times, even if it's just water
• When meeting a stranger, introduce him, so your friends remember him
• If with a group of friends, always have a designated sober driver
• If you are alone at a bar and intoxicated, request a taxi, don't drink and drive

Besides the safety tips we also recommend that women or in this case, your daughter, always carry "Drink Guard" cards that we have on our website. Let her know that it's best to go to the ladies room and perform a quick test, rather than to become a victim of date rape. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Would You Ride On One Of These?

Summer isn’t over yet… Roller coaster anyone? August is still part of summer and if you’re one of those people that love to engage in exciting, dare devil fun experiences, you’ll love the list below!

We gathered below, a list of the top 10 existing rollercoasters in the USA. This information was taken from

Exciting Top 10 Rollercoasters Parks In The USA
• El Toro: Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey
Outlaw Run: Silver Dollar City Amusement Park in Branson, Missouri.
The Voyage: Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana
• Ravine Flyer II: Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania
Millennium Force: Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio
Boulder Dash: Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut
Bizarro: Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts
Banshee: Kings Island in Mason, Ohio
• Maverick: Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio
Intimidator: Carowinds, North Carolina

Enjoy the summer before it’s gone for the year! Do you have the courage to ride these exciting rollercoasters?

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