Thursday, August 6, 2015

College Is Just Around The Corner, Make Sure Your Child Carries A Personal Alarm!

Make sure your student daughter or son, takes a personal alarm with 130dB and flashing light, when they go to college this Fall. Especially with all the violence lately on campuses and surrounding housing areas.
Truth is, it's not getting any better... But fortunately, we have several models to choose from on our website and they are all reasonably priced for students. One in particular is called the Personal Alarm with Flashing Light. It's perfect for your daughter or son when on campus because it has the highest pitch allowed for civilians, 130dB alarm! The unit can be attached to a belt, skirt or pants as well. Perfect for college!

130dB Personal alarm includes extra convenient attachments, for college students as well!
- Clipped cord attached to pocket, or purse, will set off alarm with flashing light, if someone grabs it
- Can be used as an alarm for dorm window or entrances to scare off intruders
- The clip can also be used as an accessory to protect a computer or personal property
- The light can also be non-blinking and used for non emergencies, such as helping w/night vision
- Measures 3" x 2" x 1"

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