Thursday, August 13, 2015

Serious About Your Safety? Get A TASER C2

Police around the world are using Tasers, because they are non lethal, yet effective in dropping a person down and rendering them temporarily helpless.

It's the weapon of the future and it's here now! If you have an archaic gun, it's time to keep up with technology. You don't have to kill a person and go to jail anymore... Plus, it's easy to use for women, because when shooting it, there is no kick back that can hurt your shoulder. Simply slide the safety cap back and shoot! Unlike firearms, the Taser C2 for self defense of 15 feet, deploys prongs not bullets, perfect for women! Did we say non lethal? Just wanted to reiterate that...

It includes incredible convenient self defense features that you don't see in firearms. As mentioned before, it's non lethal and can reach up to 15 feet away! If you are a bad aimer, no worries there because it has laser aiming. This means that where you see the red dot of the laser, the prongs will land! Since there are two prongs, the second bottom one, will be further down. Actually if you tase a person and want to escape as soon as possible, you can lay the unit on the ground and it will tase on it's own for 30 seconds more, while you escape! Of course, unlike firearms, there is no gun powder cleanup required. This unit also has an LED flashlight and backup stun gun. Backup stun gun can be used after the prongs have already been deployed and there are other criminals threatening you! There are other features to this unit that you can read about on our website, as well!

Here's the best thing about the Taser C2 with 15 feet of self defense, which initially was built for women, but men carry it too... Taser International will replace the Taser C2, if stolen from you during an attack! All you would need is a police report of the incident. Plus of course, it's available in 6 colors to choose from!

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