Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is Your Daughter Attending College For The First Time?

Parents that have young women going to college for the first time, get nervous about their child's safety. But if you prepare your daughter with safety tips, they should be just fine!

The statistics are not encouraging; One in four college women report that they have survived rape or an attempt of rape during their lifetime. But there are ways to avoid dangerous situations around college campuses. Below you will find some tips, that you should pass along to your daughter before you send her off for her education.

Safety Tips For College Women
• Always take a Personal Alarm with you to notify campus police if you're in danger
• Avoid taking evening classes, if at all possible or ask for campus police escort
• When at parties, never drink from a punch bowl, it might have date rape pills in it
• Never drink from an open container or glass if you didn't see it get poured
• Always request for a closed or sealed beverage, if someone offers you a drink
• Never leave your beverage alone, keep it with you at all times, even if it's just water
• When meeting a stranger, introduce him, so your friends remember him
• If with a group of friends, always have a designated sober driver
• If you are alone at a bar and intoxicated, request a taxi, don't drink and drive

Besides the safety tips we also recommend that women or in this case, your daughter, always carry "Drink Guard" cards that we have on our website. Let her know that it's best to go to the ladies room and perform a quick test, rather than to become a victim of date rape. 

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