Friday, August 14, 2015

Do You Have A Daughter Or Son In College?

If you do, you might consider a self defense package designed for college students which includes the essentials for personal safety.

Many parents are preparing their children for a higher education and many times the topic of safety is buried amongst other issues, such as required books, writing utensils, etc. But we’re here to remind parents, the importance of your child’s self defense, as well!

We gathered some products in our store that are perfect for college students. It’s called the College Dorm Safety Package. It consists of 3 items: a stun gun, door brace and Mace window alarm. Below are the summarized details…

College Dorm Safety Package

1. Runt Stun Gun 20 Million Volts - Besides it’s impressive 20 million volts, it also has a large LED light, built in charger, disable pin, rubberized shell and holster. Stun guns only require touching an attacker with it. Available in several colors and patterns, plus perfect for self defense.

2. Dual Function Door Brace - Keeps intruders away and works for sliding glass doors as well as for conventional doors. This Door Brace is adjustable and made of 20 gauge steel, perfect for student dorms.

3. Mace Window Glass Breakage Alarm - Has a 95 decibel alarm, to notify of an intruder and detects glass vibration. Plus, it’s very easy to install, just sticks to glass and battery is included.

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