Monday, August 24, 2015

Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray For Exercising Outdoors

That's right, a pepper spray for jogging, which improves your brain and a CONVENIENT HAND STRAP to free your hands for holding other things, such as a water bottle!
There is no excuse anymore for not taking pepper spray with you for self defense, when you are exercising outdoors. This simple hand strap changes everything for women! Working out in the fresh air is actually better for your brain, because it's not like a treadmill, that makes you feel and think like a caged hamster. Doctors say that the more your brain is engaged with other things like crossing streets, meeting other people, checking traffic, watching your steps on a sidewalk... the better off your brain memory becomes!

With this in mind, if you have been on treadmills lately, perhaps it's time to change your routine to help your mental well-being, along with your body! This is where the self defense Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray for women, comes into play...

With all the freedom, sometimes risks are involved. We're talking about criminals, that ruin all the fun! That's why it's important to carry some sort of protection. Mace for women has been around for decades. Your mom probably used it at some point in her life and so should you! Carry a self defense weapon with you whenever you go out. It's small and easy to carry, plus it will protect you from criminals. This unit includes a hand strap, so that your hands are free to do other things, such as holding a water bottle. The Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray measures 4.25" h x 1" w x 1.25" d. It reaches 8-12 feet, includes up to 20 bursts, handy flip top, clip, a keychain and an invisible UV Marking Dye which helps police identify an attacker!

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