Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Dangers Of Using Crystal Glasses Or Containers For Dining Or Parties

They’re beautiful and elegant, but are those decorative containers safe? What you should know about using them.

We all know that lead in homes has been proven to be hazardous. But what about the beautiful crystal you have for serving champagne or wine in? Did you know that lead is also included in these glasses? Crystalware can contain up to 33% lead. The more it has the more sparkly it looks and the more it will ring when toasting against another glass!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to throw your Crystalware away! BUT, if you have large beverage containers made of the shiny glass, make sure that after your guests are gone, you pour the liquid back to their original containers! You see, the longer it sits in a crystal container, the more it leaches the hazardous lead into your beverage!

Take out your magnificent Crystalware glasses, and show them off… But make sure that any alcohol or any other beverage leftovers, be poured back to their original non hazardous containers.

Source: Lorraine M. Whitney and Michael J. Hynes

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