Friday, January 29, 2016

Ladies Stun Guns with 21 Million Volts and Personal Alarm!

Us women can protect ourselves... This new self defense unit has incredible new features not seen before, like a personal alarm with 120dB! Plus, comes in different colors, patterns and has 21 Million Volts!

Let's not waste any time ladies. See the features below, they speak for themselves. It's called the Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts. You'll find out that these new units are worth checking out and include a 120dB personal alarm, that is practically unheard of on stun devices!

Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volt, Features
- 21 Million volts of powerful self defense for women
- Includes 120dB personal alarm, unheard of from most stun units
- Designed more narrow indentations to fit women's hands better
- Longer unit to add more distance from an attacker and you
- Self defense stun gun is simple to use, just squeeze trigger
- Includes disable wrist strap pin, avoids attacker from using the unit against you
- Triple Stun Technology, electricity jumps from 3 points above the unit
- Charges by simply plugging directly into a wall socket
- Includes holster in case you want to keep it on your hip
- Measures, 5.5" x 1.875" x 1", with longer reach than other stun guns
- Includes Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Licensed U.S. Navy Knife, 8 Inch Spring Assisted

This Navy Knife comes in handy, especially when an attacker or rapist tries to hurt you. Women and men should always carry some sort of personal protection weapon, in today's society.
This amazing self defense weapon when fully extended, only measures 8 inches long. It also can be collapsed to approximately half the size and includes a belt clip. This unit is made of engineered surgical steel and is pre-sharpened. The unit will slice through anything... including rapists or attackers! Plus, it's durable 3mm blade, swings open with a flick of the ambidextrous thumb stud. It even includes an emergency window breaker!

So, the Licensed U.S. Navy Knife, 8 Inch Spring Assisted, is a must have! It even has a window breaker... Buy one for yourself if you don't carry any self defense unit with you now, or get one for a friend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Truth About Microwave Ovens and Your Health

If you search on the internet to find information about microwave ovens... there are plenty of articles to choose from. We found one detailed Blog, in particular, from 2011 that includes details you might want to read about!
Image result for microwave ovens
The blog was written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, who is a physician and author. The article is pretty extensive but worth reading! It starts from the issues of our farming soils, radiation, heart issues, how a microwave actually works, sicknesses due to the oven, Russian and Swiss studies... Even the effect it has when heating baby bottles! The list goes on and on!

All though the article is from 2011, other articles on the internet show similar problems. Please read full article from Dr. Joseph Mercola here: Is This Common Kitchen Appliance Harming Your Health?

Needless to say, I stopped using my microwave and will stick to my regular stove top, oven or toaster oven. Goodbye Microwave!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trader Joe's Sea Salt Diversion Safe

Do you sometimes wish you could hide something in your home, like jewelry or money and not worry about others finding it? Have you heard of hidden safes?

A hidden safe is perfect to have in your home. It's a way to hide your valuables, without letting others know that it's right beneath their nose! They come in all shapes and sizes and the one we'll be focusing on is the Trader Joe's Sea Salt Diversion Safe.

This unit has a hidden compartment on the bottom that measures 1 1/4" wide x 5 1/4" long. Family and friends will think it's just a salt shaker. Simply put it on your kitchen counter top or in a cabinet shelf, where salt belongs... It's the perfect hiding utensil and fits right in with it's environment. Nobody will ever know that the Trader Joe's Sea Salt Diversion Safe, is something that you use to hide your valuables. Make sure it doesn't rattle! If it does, place a rag inside of it.  (Not recommended to actually consume the salt, it might have debris in it!)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Personal Alarms Are Allowed In All 50 States

Pepper spray and stun guns are sometimes prohibited to be carried by citizens in some of our cities. But Personal Alarms are allowed in all 50 States and are very affordable! 

If you need a Personal Alarm, has 14 different models to choose from, in several colors and with different features. Many units have 120dB and some even include 130dB, which is the most allowed for civilians to use! These units are convenient to have in case of emergency situations, when you need help! Most of the Personal Alarms we sell, also have a convenient LED light, key ring, strap... and there is even one that includes a "Motion Detector" to protect your stuff! We also have an aerosol unit, dog chaser unit and an alarm for drivers so they won't fall asleep at the wheel, unit! Plus, some not only have LED lights, they also include accessories for window protection, doors and more!

All our Personal Alarms are affordable and legally allowed in all 50 States, even the ones with 130dB! Please, feel free to let us know if you need any assistance in picking the right one for you. You can contact us at: 954-916-7955. Tambien Se Habla EspaƱol.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Is It Fair to Raise Rape & Harassment Allegations Against Bill Clinton in Hillary's 2016 Campaign?

January 19, 2016

Interviewer: Amy Goodman
Guests:  Liza Featherstone and Suzanna Walters

A discussion about Bill Clinton, that might be of interest to voters.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Disguised Cell Phone Stun Gun with 4.5 Million Volts for Women's Self Defense!

Unlike self defense fire weapons, stun guns don't kill individuals, they are non lethal. This disguised unit for women, simply drops a criminal to the ground and renders them immobile for a  few minutes...

When women simply touch a person, not push them, with this cell phone weapon, they fall helplessly to the ground. All you have to do is keep touching them until they become incoherent and drop to the ground. Then simply leave the scene as soon as possible... As easy as that!

The disguised Cell Phone Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volt Pink Pretender, like all units at, are non lethal self defense weapons. So you won't go to prison if you use it against an attacker! Read the details below for this women's unit.

Disguised Cell Phone Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volt Pink Pretender Features
- 4.5 Million volt self defense take down power
- Rechargeable, just plug in the cord into a wall socket
- Includes 12 LED bulbs to shine into an attacker's eyes and disorient them
- Includes a pink leatherette holster with belt clip or place in purse
- Measures; 4" x 2" x 1"
- Only available in pink.
- Includes Lifetime Warranty from manufacture'r defects.

cell phone,stun gun,weapon,disguised,self defense,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mini Security Guard Stun Flashlight 7,200,000 Volts and Very Easy To Conceal!

It's always important to take some sort of self defense unit in today's society and this unit is very effective and easy to conceal!

This handy stun gun weapon fits anywhere, be it your purse, pocket or you can use it's holster too! But the real reason to have this mini unit with you at all times is the 7,200,000 volts it contains. If an attacker comes toward you, simply touch them with the unit and watch them fall to the ground! No muscle required... Keep touching them with the self defense easy to conceal unit, until they can't move. Then leave the scene immediately. It's called the Mini Security Guard Stun Flashlight. Perfect for personal protection!

Mini Security Guard Stun Flashlight 7,200,000 Volts Features
- Only measures 5.5", making it easy to conceal for self defense
- Triple Stun Technology, stuns visually on center and invisibly on 2 sides of unit's top
- Shock proof exterior with military grade aluminum alloy
- Etched handle provides firm grip of stun gun unit
- Powerful LED flashlight, that can temporarily blind an attacker if aimed at their eyes
- Stun gun and flashlight are fully rechargeable, includes recharging cord
- Includes safety switch to prevent accidental discharge from this mini unit
- Heavy duty black holster with belt loop and wrist strap included
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Quick History of Taser International

Americans have made many inventions in history for self defense, and one of them, not only saves lives but it also protects the public without fatally harming or killing an individual. Gone are the horrible batons used in history, by the police, to take down an individual by hitting citizens and sometimes killing them!

Fortunately, more and more police officials in the USA and abroad use Tasers to control the unruly among us. But the police aren't the only ones that can use a Taser, law abiding citizens can also use them. In fact citizens can pick from 4 models; the C2, M26c, X26c and X2 Defender! All are available to the public if your particular state allows them and you pass a simple background check, that, can provide for you. The units are great for women, as well, because they don't have the strong kickback that firearms do!

Don't lethally hurt an individual like history shows, and be sent to prison yourself! Temporarily stop them by using the self defense C2, M26c, X26c or the X2 Defender, until police authorities come to help! But if you still want to leave the scene, remember that you can place the unit down on the ground and it will continue to tase for 30 seconds, while you escape. If you provide a police record of the incident, Taser International will replace your unit for FREE! Perfect self defense for men or women!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts in Pink or Black

This ergonomic self defense unit feels comfortable in your hand and only requires to squeeze it, for an attacker to fall to the ground!
This is one of our newest stun guns and it's incredibly easy to use, even for women. The Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts in Pink or Black is great to carry with you when you exercise outdoors, walk, go jogging, walking to your car and more...

Features Included: ergonomic, Squeeze-N-Stun Technology, concealable, safety switch, rechargeable, available in pink or black and also includes a Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect!

Again, squeezing while touching an attacker, is all that is needed for us women's self defense. Not much muscle is required to take an individual down, the Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts in Pink or Black, does it for you! Simply continue to squeeze, until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. Then, leave the scene!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Perfume Stun Gun with 3.5 Million Volts of Self Defense!

A Creep is bugging you and becoming aggressive, simply tell him you want to freshen up and then... Simply touch him with this disguised self defense perfume, that's really a STUN GUN!
It's as easy as that! Us women don't need to be muscular to take a creep or rapist, down to the ground. A simple touch is all that's needed for your personal self defense. This unit is called the Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts and you don't need strong muscles to take a grown man down, especially an evil one!

What kind of features does this unit have, you might ask? Well as you already know, its' disguised, but it's also powerful with 3.5 Million volts, which is nothing to laugh about. This unit is easy to use, simply push down the red button and touch the rapist. No muscle is involved! Keep touching until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. The Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts features for women are: 3.5 million volts, rechargeable, button for stunning, button for LED light, disguised element of surprise, safety cap, measures 5" tall x 1" round, available in 3 colors and of course, it includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defect. Perfect for women's self defense... Don't forget to let your female friends know about it, too!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NEW - Lint Roller Diversion Safe

Do you want to hide some valuables like money or jewelry, without having to get an expensive big safe or a safety deposit box? Get a disguised Lint Roller Diversion Safe!
Who doesn't have a lint roller? That's the beauty of having a diversion safe that looks like one... But this roller has a space in the middle to stash your jewelry or money! It's way less expensive than a safety deposit box and you can keep it at home. The disguised unit is called the Lint Roller Diversion Safe!

This Lint Roller Diversion Safe won't catch a home intruder's attention, just like a wire hanger wouldn't make him or her look twice! But it's perfect for you to hide your valuables, such as jewelry or money in it. You see it has a hidden compartment that measure's 1 ½" x 3½"!

Simply place the disguised Lint Roller in your bedroom or laundry room and hide your jewelry or money in it. Intruders will not look twice. NOTE: it's a good idea to place a rag inside the compartment, in case the stuff inside it, makes a sound if the unit is moved by an intruder!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Got A Puppy Or Rescued A Dog Last Year?

Puppies are cute! Last year many people decided to buy or rescue a dog from a shelter and keep them for pets. Most shelters were successful in finding adopting families! 

Whether you adopted a puppy or an adult dog, make sure that you train them, so there are no issues in the future. The most IMPORTANT thing you need to teach your pup is to let you know when they need to go outside to relieve themselves! I've had several dogs in my life and it doesn't matter if they are already adults, you still can train them! This is especially important if you live in a building!

First thing you need to do, is to buy a door bell. One of those that you can tie to a door knob, like some small stores use... Tie the bell to a sturdy string and hang it low enough for them to reach it with their paw! Then, all you have to do, is walk the puppy to the door and lift one of their front paws to ring the bell for going outside. Do this every time your puppy needs to go outside. After a few days, your pup will automatically do it and surprise you! In fact, sometimes they will hit it so hard to train you and boss you around... It's good to teach them a way of letting you know, when they need to go!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Need to hide your valuables? Get an affordable Wall Socket Diversion Safe!

If you have some valuables such as jewelry or some extra money you want to keep in your home, but you don’t want to pay for a bank safety deposit box, we have the solution!

At, we have an affordable hidden safe that looks like an ordinary wall socket, for only $6.95! It’s called the Wall Socket Diversion Safe. This unit is disguised as a regular wall socket, but it’s really meant for hiding your small valuables such as jewelry or money. The interior dimensions of the unit is, 2 1/4" x 2" x 5”. Plenty of room for valuables, such as money or jewelry!

Don’t spend more money than you have to… Keep your stuff in your own home with an affordable diversion hidden safe that’s unbeknownst to home intruders! Plus, it’s easy to install.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Have you heard of “ICE”; In Case of Emergency?

ICE was introduced in 2005 for first responders or emergency personnel, to notify family or friends of a person who is hurt or unconscious, via cell phones.

ICE was invented by Bob Brotchie, a British paramedic. But it’s not something you buy, it’s a symbol or red flag for emergency personnel. When first responders look through a victim’s cell phone, and they find the word ICE, that let’s them know they’ve contacted an individual who the injured person trusted. Be it family or friends and for any kind of emergency situation!

If you’ve never heard of this and know others that aren’t aware of this emergency word called ICE, please inform them! Let them know that they should also include the word ICE next to another person’s name, in their cell phones, in case they have an emergency themselves! It’s crucial for family or friends to be notified, in deadly situations by emergency personnel.

NOTE:  Be advised that if you have a phone that locks others from using it, emergency personnel will not be able to notify loved ones.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender is perfect for women’s evening out!

Let’s face it, when the sun goes down, is when most rapist’s and attackers are around. Having a flashlight attached to a pepper spray is very handy!
Be it a nightclub, party or going out on a date, it’s important to carry a self defense product. At we have the perfect solution; the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender! Never go out without it… attackers roam for predators during the day as well.

This incredible Mace Night Defender unit has an LED light, that automatically goes on when you lift the safety cap to pepper spray a bad intentioned individual. The LED light when aimed at a rapist or attacker’s eyes, temporarily blinds them (similar to a flashbulb). But you will be able to see him perfectly and shoot the GEL toward their eyes. When the GEL reaches their eyes, the rapist or attacker will have to close their eyes from all the pain it inflicts. Spraying pepper GEL, also makes it stick better to the attacker’s face, prolonging the pain inflicted! This allows you to leave immediately!

This Mace pepper gel Night Defender unit can reach up to 18 feet, contains 20 short bursts and the built-in bright LED light (33 lux at 1m)!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mace with TEAR GAS is a must for women or men's self defense, Only $17.99!

Everybody needs self defense at some point... One of the best non lethal weapons are pepper spray units. We have dozens and the Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model, definitely stands out!
Self defense is very important, and if you don't carry anything for protection, you are living on the edge! But at, we don't sell lethal weapons, we sell non-lethal units that won't land you in jail... One of our best units is the Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model, at the affordable price of only $17.99!

This simple Mace self defense unit has incredible features! Of course it has 10% pepper spray, but it also includes TEAR GAS! The tear gas induces profuse tearing, shortness of breath, and disorients an attacker! This unit has a convenient flip top safety cap that when lifted and pressed, reaches 8 to 12 feet away. The "Triple Action" unit includes 10 to 20 shots of pepper spray, tear gas and a UV Marking Dye! The invisible UV Marking Dye facilitates police identification of an attacker!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ex-con Accused Of Tying Up, Raping Woman At UWS Hotel

An ex-con allegedly raped and sodomized a stranger at an Upper West Side hotel while holding a knife to her throat and sneering, “Today is the day you’re going to die,” law-enforcement sources said Friday.

Photo: Christopher Sadowski
New York Post, January 2, 2016
By Jamie Schram

Farhan Khan, 27, of Franklin Square, LI, allegedly accosted the 35-year-old woman in a room at the Comfort Inn on West 71st Street just steps from Central Park at around 3 a.m. on Dec. 30, sources said.

Khan, convicted of drug possession in 2014, allegedly tied her up before making the threat, sources said.

He allegedly threatened her with a hammer and yelled, “Don’t fight, and I’ll let you go, I’ll let you go soon,” according to sources.

He allegedly forced her to give him oral sex before raping her, sources said.

She broke free and fled.

Khan was held without bail at his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Monday, January 4, 2016

NEW: Disguised Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun

Do you want protection? Here's a unit with an incredible 18 Million Volts of self defense power! It's called the Disguised Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun!

Simply touching an individual with the unit, will make them fall to the ground and if you continue to touch them with the 18 Million Volts, they will become confused and temporarily immobile. The self defense unit, will allow you to escape safely!

Disguised Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun Features
- Discrete protection is unexpected by an attacker
- Easy to carry, only measures 6.25" and diameter, similar to a quarter
- Triple stun technology includes 3 stun points
- Shock proof exterior with Military Grade aluminum
- No slipping, etched with ribbed handle
- Blinding 1 Watt LED light, can be aimed at attacker's eyes
- Rechargeable, uses USB cord from your computer or plugs into wall socket
- Light bulb's life is up to 100,000 hours
- Available in Pink or Black
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer's defect

This self defense, Disguised Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun, is small enough to conceal and powerful enough to drop an individual to the ground while you escape!

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