Thursday, January 21, 2016

Disguised Cell Phone Stun Gun with 4.5 Million Volts for Women's Self Defense!

Unlike self defense fire weapons, stun guns don't kill individuals, they are non lethal. This disguised unit for women, simply drops a criminal to the ground and renders them immobile for a  few minutes...

When women simply touch a person, not push them, with this cell phone weapon, they fall helplessly to the ground. All you have to do is keep touching them until they become incoherent and drop to the ground. Then simply leave the scene as soon as possible... As easy as that!

The disguised Cell Phone Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volt Pink Pretender, like all units at, are non lethal self defense weapons. So you won't go to prison if you use it against an attacker! Read the details below for this women's unit.

Disguised Cell Phone Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volt Pink Pretender Features
- 4.5 Million volt self defense take down power
- Rechargeable, just plug in the cord into a wall socket
- Includes 12 LED bulbs to shine into an attacker's eyes and disorient them
- Includes a pink leatherette holster with belt clip or place in purse
- Measures; 4" x 2" x 1"
- Only available in pink.
- Includes Lifetime Warranty from manufacture'r defects.

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