Friday, January 29, 2016

Ladies Stun Guns with 21 Million Volts and Personal Alarm!

Us women can protect ourselves... This new self defense unit has incredible new features not seen before, like a personal alarm with 120dB! Plus, comes in different colors, patterns and has 21 Million Volts!

Let's not waste any time ladies. See the features below, they speak for themselves. It's called the Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts. You'll find out that these new units are worth checking out and include a 120dB personal alarm, that is practically unheard of on stun devices!

Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volt, Features
- 21 Million volts of powerful self defense for women
- Includes 120dB personal alarm, unheard of from most stun units
- Designed more narrow indentations to fit women's hands better
- Longer unit to add more distance from an attacker and you
- Self defense stun gun is simple to use, just squeeze trigger
- Includes disable wrist strap pin, avoids attacker from using the unit against you
- Triple Stun Technology, electricity jumps from 3 points above the unit
- Charges by simply plugging directly into a wall socket
- Includes holster in case you want to keep it on your hip
- Measures, 5.5" x 1.875" x 1", with longer reach than other stun guns
- Includes Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect

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