Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift: Personal Protection Package

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Do you already have in mind what you want to give your loved ones? Forget the Chocolate and flowers, surprise them with a self defense gift!

At, we have many gifts you can choose from. Whether the gift is for a man, woman, college student, outdoors person... You will find a good variety of choices! What's better for a Valentine's Day gift, than one that can protect your loved ones?

We carry individual self defense units and also Package Deals, such as the Personal Protection Package, which is what we'll focus on here!

• Choice of Pepper Spray
  Models with detachable key chain, hard case or soft case and colors!
• Stun Master Li'l Guy Stun Gun
  With 12 million volts of takedown power, LED light and more!
• Mace Screecher Personal Alarm
  With an ear-piercing blast that can be heard 1/4 mile away!
• Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector
  Paper strips let you know if your drink might be tainted with a drug!

Show your loved ones that you CARE, with a self defense gift they can really use!

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