Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift: Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton

We've all seen them, guys riding motorcycles and carrying a baton they hang out of their pant's pocket! They look like they are BAD TO THE BONE, but they really are protecting themselves...
At WomenOnGuard.com we carry  the Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Batons. They come in several colors; black, pewter, blue and red for men or women's self defense. These units are the perfect weapon for jabbing, key flailing and hitting pressure points on an attacker. PLUS, they also shoot pepper spray which is great as a Valentine's Day Gift, as well!

So, what you really get are 2 self defense weapons in one. These units are made with machined heavy aluminum and are pretty much indestructible! The fog like mist they shoot can reach up to 5 feet away and they contain approximately 6 short bursts. Or course, these units have a convenient key ring, as well!... If you run out of the hot substance, you can always replace it with the Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton Refill. No need to buy another self defense unit again! A perfect Valentine's Day Gift for men or women.

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