Monday, February 29, 2016

Do You Know What A Wall Clock Hidden Safe Is?

It's a disguised safe that you can hide items in, but others wouldn't know you hid it, even when it's in plain site! Plus, you won't need to pay for a bank deposit box on a monthly basis!
Hidden safes are affordable units where you can hide jewelry, money or any other small valuables. They come in many shapes and sizes! One that we are focusing on, is called the Wall Clock Hidden Safe. This particular unit looks like a regular working wall clock and functions like one. It can be hung on the wall of a college dorm, kitchen, office or any other place where you want to hang it!

The working Wall Clock Hidden Safe measures 10" in diameter by 2 3/4 inches thick. The velvety interior, measures 8 1/2" x  8 1/2" x 1.7/8". The unit has 3 compartments where you can place your valuables, such as money or jewelry. The clock requires only a "AA" battery, which is not included.

Hide your valuables where you can access them easily. Goodbye bank safety deposit box! Hang it anywhere you please... Plus, it let's you know the time, too!

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