Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Are There Aggressive Dogs In Your Neighborhood?

Most dogs are well behaved, but once in a while a vicious animal can threaten the peace in your neighborhood, by attacking an individual or another pup!

At WomenOnGuard.com, we have a pepper spray to protect yourself or your pet, from being attacked by another canine.  It's called the Mace® Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray.

This unit is a must, if you take your pet walking, you visit dog parks or there are simply many pets in your neighborhood! It's the HUMANE WAY to deter a canine from hurting you or your pet. Plus, it's also great for joggers and cyclists.

The Mace® Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray has a flip-top safety cap, belt clip and keychain, fingergrip dispenser. The unit can reach up to 10 feet away and contains 10 one second bursts. Simply aim it at the canine's eyes. When the spray reaches the animal, they will feel a temporary painful effect, but will not be permanently harmed. A must have at dog parks and peace of mind for you! 
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