Monday, February 15, 2016

NEW: Police Force Body Camera Pro, in HD and loaded with incredible features!

Citizens can now use cameras that some police personnel use, to audio and video record situations they come across with. It can be used to record an important incident or for fun!

Our newest product to our website, gives you the upper hand when proving an incident or for simply recording something interesting. It's called the Police Force Body Cam Pro.

This beauty runs on a powerful lithium battery which offers 9 hours of recording. It can capture facial recognition from 24 feet away! This unit also has night vision, plus it's weather proof, so you can use it outdoors or attached to your car's rear view mirror. This Police Force Body Cam Pro can also be clipped to your clothing, very handy! Of course it also includes 16 GB of memory and up to 32 GB if you purchase an SD card. The screen of the unit is 2" and in color, but you can also use it's HDMI output and watch larger video images on your computer or TV! Button on it's side can remotely control video, pictures or only audio. Basically it includes all the bells and whistles you need!

Incredible Features
• 8.0 Megapixel
• 1080p HD Image Resolution
• Built-In Microphone/Speaker
• One Touch Recording
• Reaches 24 Feet Away
• Remote Control Image Capture
• 9 Hours Recording
• Instant Playback
• Rechargeable Battery
• USB 2.0 Connectivity and more!

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