Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift: The Taser C2 For Personal Self Defense At A Distance

You know that a self defense product works, if even the police use them to temporarily take down a criminal. We are talking about the Taser C2!

The Taser C2 was offered to the public back in 2009. It revolutionized the way citizens defended themselves then, and how they do now. The unit was marketed for women, but it quickly was used by men as well! The non lethal weapon stops an attacker, without fatally ending a life.

Taser C2 Incredible Features
• The unit is non lethal
• Reaches an attacker 15 ft. away
• Laser aiming makes it easy to hit your target
• Includes stun gun backup if cartridge has been used
• 30 Second, automatic stunning if placed on the ground while you escape
• Permits are not required in most States
• No hurtful kickback when deployed
• No messy gun powder cleaning
• Taser International replaces a stolen unit, if you provide a police record

All women or men need to do is slide the small panel back and press the button. It's that simple! The laser aiming will let you know exactly where the unit will hit... This incredible Taser C2, is available in 6 colors.

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