Thursday, February 25, 2016

Johnson and Johnson Ordered To Pay $72M In Cancer Lawsuit Over Baby Powder

Johnson and Johnson Ordered to fork over millions after losing a lawsuit over its baby powder. The lawsuit against the company was brought by the family of Jackie Fox of Alabama. Her family claims she died of Ovarian cancer caused by the Talcum powder.

Fox's family says she used Johnson and Johnson's 'Shower to Shower' and Baby Powder for more than 35 years for feminine hygiene -before she was diagnosed three years ago with cancer. Fox died last October. She was 62.

Attorneys for the family argued Johnson and Johnson was aware of just how dangerous its powder was. Fox's family was awarded more than $72 million dollars. This is the first time a U.S. jury has awarded monetary damages over claims about Talcum Powder.

Johnson and Johnson is appealing the ruling and issued a statement saying it stands by the safety of its talcum powder.

Shower to Shower is no longer owned by Johnson and Johnson.

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