Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift: Mace Lipstick Pepper Spray

Most women carry lipstick in their purse or pocket, but what if what seems like a lipstick, is really a self defense unit for deterring a rapist or attacker? It's a good idea for women and a great Valentine's Day gift!

The Mace brand has been around for decades and at WomenOnGuard.com, we carry 9 pepper spray units that are disguised to look like a lipstick container! They are called the Mace Lipstick Pepper Sprays and Rhinestone units, great for a Valentine's Day gift. We have 4 that are solid colors, 2 that have polka dots and 3 that are covered in Rhinestones. Rhinestone units look more elegant! Disguised self defense units give an element of surprise to a would be attacker. This gives you the upper hand! Plus, of course, they also include a UV Invisible Marking Dye to facilitate police in identifying a delinquent.

All these Mace pepper spray, self defense units can reach up to 10 feet away and include, 5 one-second bursts! Always try to aim at the eyes of the rapist, but if you miss, just covering the face, will do! The attacker will feel his eyes, face skin and even his respiratory system burn, if he inhales the substance. Therefore, he will become helpless.... This, in turn, gives you an opportunity to escape as soon as you can and not look back!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and don't forget to buy Mace lipsticks for your loved ones!

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