Monday, December 22, 2014

Running Out Of Ideas For Holiday Gifts?

Well you've reached the right place, because we have unique gifts that protect your loved ones, as well and are also affordable! sells self defense products of all kinds. We have the popular Mace and Streetwise pepper sprays of course, but we also have personal alarms, stun guns, Tasers, all perfect for the holidays! Many of our self defense items are disguised, so an attacker won't know that you have a non lethal weapon! Some can reach up to 20 feet away, such as the Mace Pepper Guns. Our store also has pepper spray foams that expand throughout a criminal's face, gels and some of our units also have TEAR GAS! We have disguised weapons that look like perfume, cell phones and more! There's a huge selection of self defense stun guns and stun batons, as well. Any of our products would make unique gifts for your loved ones! Check out for last minute holiday gift ideas!

Friday, December 19, 2014

What Better Holiday Gift Than One That Protects The Ones That You Love?

Looking for a unique holiday present for your family and friends? There is no better gift than one that offers protection from aggressive criminals.
Impress your family and friends by giving them a stun gun! Not just an ordinary one, but a unit that is powerful and perfect for self defense. It's called the Police Force Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts! Your loved ones just need to touch an aggressive individual with it and the attacker will fall to the ground and become temporarily helpless and motionless! Stun guns attack the muscles of the body, making a person collapse and unable to injure anyone. Of course, they will only be down temporarily, so it's crucial to escape from harms way immediately!

Police Force Unit Features
- 9.5 Million volts of self defense takedown
- Originally engineered for police and military
- Rubberized armor coating prevents slipping
- Charging plug flips out, no cords needed
- Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
- High quality holster w/belt loop and clip
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defect

Give a holiday gift that offers personal protection for your family and friends. Have a Safe Holiday!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pink or Black Mini Panic Alarms, Wonderful Holiday Gifts!

Simple to use and efficient in alerting others of an emergency. Perfect holiday gift for college students, senior citizens, the handicapped and more!

These personal alarms are the most instinctual units we've ever sold. They set off a 120dB blare whenever they are squeezed on the sides. Instinctual, because whenever a person confronts danger, they automatically make a fist or squeeze their hands. Talk about being ergonomic… Besides the fact that they alert others, they also include a convenient LED light and a curved loop for attaching to a key ring.

The ergonomic Mini Personal Alarms are available in pink or black and also include a convenient belt clip on the back. They make wonderful holiday gifts, are suggested for students by college police and as mentioned before, perfect for senior citizens and the handicapped.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pepper Spray With Quick Key Release... Great Holiday Gifts!

What's unique about these pepper spray units, you might ask? Well, they are units that have a quick key release keychain, for women or men.

This Quick Key Release Keychain enables you to use the spray, without having to deal with un-attaching it from a door or car ignition, while you use it against an attacker! Besides these great holiday gift units being convenient, they also offer self defense pepper spray that can reach up to 8 feet and contain 5 one second bursts. They also contain a UV Invisible Marking Dye, that marks an attacker. If he or she is captured by police, the officials can place them under a UV lamp and acknowledge that the individual had been sprayed, therefore confirming their criminality!

Besides these self defense units having a key release, they have a convenient belt clip, as well! Plus they're available in pink, red, blue and black. Expiration date is at the bottom. Just pull the bottom cap off by the ring and read the date on the sticker. Perfect holiday gift for women or men to protect themselves!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Drink Safely During The Holidays And Year Round With Date Rape Drug Test Strips. Great Holiday Gift, too!

Women, be prepared to party during the holidays! But be smart and prevent yourself and your friends from becoming victims of date rape drugs!

Date Rape Drug Test Strips are a must have, if you are planing in consuming ANY DRINK, not just alcoholic ones, during the holiday season. They are simple to use and you can perform the test where others can't see you or perhaps in the "Ladies Room". Just place a drop and wait for it to dry! Each card in this little envelope can perform 2 different tests, for a total of 10 tests altogether.

Plus of course, remember to never drink out of an open container, unless you see it being poured and stay away from punch bowls! If you can't go personally to a bar tender, request a sealed bottle or can.

Unfortunately, us women need to be extra cautious when drinking in other places, besides when we are at home. Of course, it's a good idea to have these Date Rape Drug Test Strips, year round!

Perfect Holiday Gift For Anyone That Drives A Vehicle!

This multipurpose unit is a survivalist's dream come true. It's made for motor vehicles, but it also has many features that come in handy in any emergency.

There are other car emergency utensils in the market, but this baby by far is the most complete. The Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go unit will definitely offer peace of mind for your loved ones. Whether they use while they drive, while camping or simply when there's a storm and the electricity goes out. Read this units incredible features below.

Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go Features
- Dynamo charging system allows crank to power the unit
- Flashlight with blinking emergency beacon
- 1 Minute of winding offers 60 min. of flashlight or beacon use
- Cell phone charger; 3 min. of winding offers 3 min. of talk
- Includes universal cell phone connector to attach to other adapter tips
- Car window breaker for quick escape
- Seat belt cutter for quick escape
- Magnets hold flashing light to alert other vehicles
- Wind 'N Go is also rainproof

The perfect gift for anyone that drives a vehicle, has a power outage, needs to charge a cell phone, goes camping or for any other sort of emergency situation!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Unique Holiday Gift Idea: Candle Diversion Safe.

Hide your valuables where nobody thinks to look for it, but yet in plain site! Fill it with jewelry, money or any other small items you treasure!

Most every home has a candle or two for decoration. People see them all the time when they go to visit friends and family. Burglars will look through closets, drawers, cabinets… but won't think of looking inside a wax decoration. Besides that, the Candle Diversion Safe decorates your home and can even be lit temporarily, like a regular candle! Hidden safes are a wonderful holiday gift, for the home, office, college or any other setting…

These hidden beauties are made from 100% wax and have a premium fossil finish. The compartment size is 2 1/2 inches in diameter and 3/ 3/4 tall. Over all, these diversion safes are 5 1/2 inches tall by 4 inch diameter, perfect for the holidays. They are available in green, gray and red.

Give your loved ones a unique gift, that will hide their money or jewelry and look like a decoration piece for their college dorm, home or even their office space, as well!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Best Kind Of Holiday Gift Is One That Can Save Lives

All of the products we sell at are self defense ones, in one way or another… They are made for women and men's protection from crimes, such as rape or physical battery.

What could be better than to give your loved ones this holiday, a self defense gift? We've been selling pepper spray, stun guns, personal alarms, Mace, Tasers and more, since 2006!

The winter holidays are to celebrate life and spread kindness and love. We see nothing better than to offer family and friends, a self defense gift that they can carry with them year round, and is non lethal!

Give a special gift this holiday season from Perhaps a pepper spray, stun gun, personal alarm or a Taser. One that is made for your loved one's protection and for your own life, as well… Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Do You Have Loved Ones That Have The Night Shift And Need Personal Protection?

Or for that matter, any family member or friend that goes to nightclubs frequently or lives in a shady neighborhood and needs self defense?

We have the perfect gift for the holidays which would really impress your friend or family member. It's called the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender! This unique self defense unit will definitely be appreciated by the night owls in your life.

Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender Features
- Built in bright led light (33 luxe at 1m)
- Gel sticks better to attacker's face
- Gel is heavier, therefore less blow back
- Reaches up to 18 feet away
- Contains 20 short bursts
- Includes UV Marking Dye for police apprehension

Spraying this unit with an LED light at night toward an attacker, will temporarily blind them because they will have to shut their eyes from all the pain and tears! The hot pepper spray will affect their respiratory and mucous membranes, cause coughing and a burning sensation on their face! The effects can last up to 45 minutes. Of course, this unit can also be used during daylight as well!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dooney & Bourke Police Pepper Spray, Makes A Great Holiday Gift For Women!

These Dooney And Bourke Police Pepper Spray are fashionable! They don't just have 10% or 18% pepper, they have a 23% concentration for self defense.

The higher concentration the more agony an attacker will experience and the more temporarily disabled he will be! Shooting the stream solution into his eyes and face, will cause incredible pain and make him temporarily disabled to do much of anything!

These Dooney And Bourke Police Pepper Spray make great holiday gifts! They are powerful units with 23% concentration that can reach 5 to 7 feet and contain 6 shots. As all of our self defense spray units, they also include an Invisible UV Dye, that helps police identify the attacker if apprehended! These units have a large opening on the top, so they can be shot, without having to unbutton the unit! They also have a convenient wrist strap. These powerful units are available in blue, pink, red and black.

Keep the women around you safe by giving them these fashionable defense units as holiday gifts!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Disguised Perfume Stun Gun For Women's Self Defense, Makes A Unique Holiday Gift!

There's nothing better than to have a self defense unit that's disguised as a common product. It brings an element of surprise to a criminal or attacker.
We have many disguised units for women in our store and one of the most popular ones is the pretty Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts! This unique weapon is available in 3 colors: pink, purple and black, plus they're beautiful for a holiday gift, with shiny silver accents. Nobody will ever know that it's a weapon, unless they actually see it being used! These attractive units measure 5 inches tall by 1 inch round. A safety cap prevents accidental discharge and it also includes a safety switch which slides to activate the unit, an LED light and a short cord to recharge it.

This Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts for self defense, makes a precious, unique holiday gift. Your loved ones will be surprised when they see it and will be thankful that you thought about their personal protection!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray Is Small, REFILLABLE And Makes A Unique Holiday Gift!

This unique unit is available in pink or black and unlike other units of it's kind, it's also refillable. No need to purchase an entire new unit. Plus, it makes a great holiday gift!
It blends in with your keychain because it only measures 3.25 inches tall. It's from a reliable brand that's been around for decades! This unit can shoot 6 short bursts and reaches 5 feet! Since it's small, nobody will know that your loved ones are carrying pepper spray. It has a safety cap and convenient keyring as well.

Since it's refillable, your family and friends won't need to get another unit when the pepper spray runs out. They can simply purchase the Mace KeyGuard Refill. In fact, they can juice up their Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray approximately 15 times!

The Mace KeyGuard for self defense will, no doubt, make a great impression as a holiday gift, especially since it's so unique!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personal Alarm With Motion Detector, A Great Holiday Gift!

This unique little gadget is very resourceful. It can be used as a personal alarm OR a motion detector and cost's only $15.95.

The possibilities are endless for this affordable unit! The Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector can be used or applied in various situations and makes a great holiday gift. The main application is for your safety. Carrying this unit comes in handy if you need to let others know that you have an emergency situation. Be it an attacker, thief or perhaps you have fallen or hurt yourself. Senior citizens can also benefit from having the Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector.

Another application for this handy gift unit is it's movement detection. Perfect to place next to a laptop, hanging off a drawer with important material inside, placed next to a bike, to prevent it from being robbed, or anything else you might think of. Once it detects movement, the 100dB unit is set off and lets you know, someone is tampering with your stuff!

Protection for you and your valuables… for only $15.95. Can't get any better than that for a holiday gift!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Non Lethal Taser C2 For Civilians, Makes A Great Holiday Gift!

If there ever was a weapon that you could use, to stop a rapist or attacker on their tracks and yet not end their life or yours, wouldn't you consider having one? If not for you, perhaps for your loved ones? PLUS, it won't kick you back, like a firearm would!

Tasers are the ultimate, non lethal, self defense weapons ever made for personal protection. Needles to say, they make a Great Holiday Gift for men or women! The non lethal unit is very reliable, easy to use and reaches 15 feet. It's no surprise that police personnel are using it around the world! The Citizen Taser C2, is similar to the police ones and has incredible features, see below!

Taser C2 Features
• Non lethal weapon
• 15 Feet of reaching protection
• Easy laser aiming, places red dot on criminal
• LED flashlight
• Stun gun backup, also works as a stun gun
• Automatic 30 sec. stunning if set down on ground
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback, easy for women and men to use
• No gun powder cleaning
• And more…

Plus, if stolen Taser International will replace this non lethal unit for FREE if you file a police report! Using a Taser C2 for self defense, won't land you in jail, like firearms could. It's available in 6 colors: Black Pearl, Electric Blue, Fashion Pink, Red Hot Red, Yellow and Titanium Silver.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Looking For A Unique Holiday Gift?

At we definitely have unique items that besides being a different kind of gift, they will protect your loved ones, as well!
There are many self defense products in our store. The ones we want you to know about, are unique and will definitely impress your loved ones as a holiday gift. They are called the Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volts! These disguised units are not makeup, but non lethal weapons that will offer your family or friends, personal protection! Read about the features below:

Lipstick Stun Gun Holiday Gift Features
- Disguised as a lipstick
- 3 Million volts of personal protection
- Rechargeable, plugs into a wall socket
- Includes bright LED flashlight
- Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
- Available in pink, red, purple and black
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defect

Simply touching an attacker with this self defense unit, will make him or her fall to the ground. Just keep touching them with it, anywhere on their body, until they fall and can't move… Then, run like hell and don't look back.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday: Affordable Mace, StreetWise And Pepper Shot Brands For Holiday Gifts!

These hard plastic or soft cases with a key ring, are the perfect self defense weapon for women or men. They're affordable and make great holiday gifts!

But soft and hard cases aren't the only models we have for Cyber Monday! Pepper spray comes in all shapes and sizes and also disguised! When using pepper spray, it's best to aim at an attacker's face or eyes. These units mostly shoot a stream of the burning substance that will make an attacker have to close their eyes, cry like a baby and have a coughing attack. All this while you make your escape!

We carry the Mace, StreetWise and Pepper Shot Pepper Spray brands. Some of these self defense pepper spray models can reach up to 20 feet away, such as the Mace Pepper Guns! Most of the units shoot a stream of the hot substance instead of an aerosol, which helps to prevent blowback and they also include an Invisible UV Marking Dye! If police capture the individual, they will be able to see if he or she was sprayed, by placing them under a UV Lamp. This will prove that the right individual was taken into custody.

Today is Cyber Monday and the Holidays are getting closer! These affordable gifts will express to your loved ones, that you care about them and want them to be safe. The units can also be bought in bulk, at lower prices, as well!

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