Monday, December 15, 2014

Drink Safely During The Holidays And Year Round With Date Rape Drug Test Strips. Great Holiday Gift, too!

Women, be prepared to party during the holidays! But be smart and prevent yourself and your friends from becoming victims of date rape drugs!

Date Rape Drug Test Strips are a must have, if you are planing in consuming ANY DRINK, not just alcoholic ones, during the holiday season. They are simple to use and you can perform the test where others can't see you or perhaps in the "Ladies Room". Just place a drop and wait for it to dry! Each card in this little envelope can perform 2 different tests, for a total of 10 tests altogether.

Plus of course, remember to never drink out of an open container, unless you see it being poured and stay away from punch bowls! If you can't go personally to a bar tender, request a sealed bottle or can.

Unfortunately, us women need to be extra cautious when drinking in other places, besides when we are at home. Of course, it's a good idea to have these Date Rape Drug Test Strips, year round!

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