Monday, December 15, 2014

Perfect Holiday Gift For Anyone That Drives A Vehicle!

This multipurpose unit is a survivalist's dream come true. It's made for motor vehicles, but it also has many features that come in handy in any emergency.

There are other car emergency utensils in the market, but this baby by far is the most complete. The Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go unit will definitely offer peace of mind for your loved ones. Whether they use while they drive, while camping or simply when there's a storm and the electricity goes out. Read this units incredible features below.

Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go Features
- Dynamo charging system allows crank to power the unit
- Flashlight with blinking emergency beacon
- 1 Minute of winding offers 60 min. of flashlight or beacon use
- Cell phone charger; 3 min. of winding offers 3 min. of talk
- Includes universal cell phone connector to attach to other adapter tips
- Car window breaker for quick escape
- Seat belt cutter for quick escape
- Magnets hold flashing light to alert other vehicles
- Wind 'N Go is also rainproof

The perfect gift for anyone that drives a vehicle, has a power outage, needs to charge a cell phone, goes camping or for any other sort of emergency situation!

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