Monday, December 22, 2014

Running Out Of Ideas For Holiday Gifts?

Well you've reached the right place, because we have unique gifts that protect your loved ones, as well and are also affordable! sells self defense products of all kinds. We have the popular Mace and Streetwise pepper sprays of course, but we also have personal alarms, stun guns, Tasers, all perfect for the holidays! Many of our self defense items are disguised, so an attacker won't know that you have a non lethal weapon! Some can reach up to 20 feet away, such as the Mace Pepper Guns. Our store also has pepper spray foams that expand throughout a criminal's face, gels and some of our units also have TEAR GAS! We have disguised weapons that look like perfume, cell phones and more! There's a huge selection of self defense stun guns and stun batons, as well. Any of our products would make unique gifts for your loved ones! Check out for last minute holiday gift ideas!

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