Monday, December 8, 2014

Disguised Perfume Stun Gun For Women's Self Defense, Makes A Unique Holiday Gift!

There's nothing better than to have a self defense unit that's disguised as a common product. It brings an element of surprise to a criminal or attacker.
We have many disguised units for women in our store and one of the most popular ones is the pretty Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts! This unique weapon is available in 3 colors: pink, purple and black, plus they're beautiful for a holiday gift, with shiny silver accents. Nobody will ever know that it's a weapon, unless they actually see it being used! These attractive units measure 5 inches tall by 1 inch round. A safety cap prevents accidental discharge and it also includes a safety switch which slides to activate the unit, an LED light and a short cord to recharge it.

This Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts for self defense, makes a precious, unique holiday gift. Your loved ones will be surprised when they see it and will be thankful that you thought about their personal protection!

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