Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pink or Black Mini Panic Alarms, Wonderful Holiday Gifts!

Simple to use and efficient in alerting others of an emergency. Perfect holiday gift for college students, senior citizens, the handicapped and more!

These personal alarms are the most instinctual units we've ever sold. They set off a 120dB blare whenever they are squeezed on the sides. Instinctual, because whenever a person confronts danger, they automatically make a fist or squeeze their hands. Talk about being ergonomic… Besides the fact that they alert others, they also include a convenient LED light and a curved loop for attaching to a key ring.

The ergonomic Mini Personal Alarms are available in pink or black and also include a convenient belt clip on the back. They make wonderful holiday gifts, are suggested for students by college police and as mentioned before, perfect for senior citizens and the handicapped.

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