Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Do You Have Loved Ones That Have The Night Shift And Need Personal Protection?

Or for that matter, any family member or friend that goes to nightclubs frequently or lives in a shady neighborhood and needs self defense?

We have the perfect gift for the holidays which would really impress your friend or family member. It's called the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender! This unique self defense unit will definitely be appreciated by the night owls in your life.

Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender Features
- Built in bright led light (33 luxe at 1m)
- Gel sticks better to attacker's face
- Gel is heavier, therefore less blow back
- Reaches up to 18 feet away
- Contains 20 short bursts
- Includes UV Marking Dye for police apprehension

Spraying this unit with an LED light at night toward an attacker, will temporarily blind them because they will have to shut their eyes from all the pain and tears! The hot pepper spray will affect their respiratory and mucous membranes, cause coughing and a burning sensation on their face! The effects can last up to 45 minutes. Of course, this unit can also be used during daylight as well!

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