Friday, July 29, 2016

Did You Know That Has An Exercise Sports Package?

Not only will you exercise, but you will work out with self defense units that will keep you safe. Be it outside while biking at night, pepper spray protection from attackers or using a panic alarm for help in a college campus or on the streets!
Our store has a package called the, Exercise Sports Package. It consists of 3 items, that will help you stay safe while you are outdoors.
  • The Mace Jogger Pepper Spray, reaches 8 to 12 feet, contains 10 one second bursts and more!
  • The Mini Personal Panic Alarm, with light, for college, city or to let others know, you need help, such as campus police!
  • The Bicycle Safety Headlight, perfect for those late, college night classes, many students attend.
As you can already tell, not only people that use a bicycle safety headlight can take advantage of this package for self defense, college students and the elderly also benefit as well. Female college students, in particular, are one of the most vulnerable citizens, when it comes to attacks or rapes in our country.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Going Away For The Summer? Get the Wireless Home Security System, For Only One Payment of $119.95!

Don't spend money on monthly payments for a home security device. Install a simple alarm system that will let you know if there is a home intrusion.

This inexpensive wireless unit will notify you if it detects motion from a door or window, by calling up to 5 preset phone numbers of your choice, for only $119.95 with no maintenance charges! You can add your cellphone number or your office, neighbor's, police or anyone else's number. The HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System will call each number to let other's know that there has been a home intrusion, by including a message recorded by you! A friend, neighbor or police, will have the option to listen in the room, broadcast their voice or just simply disarm the alarm system.

HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System Includes:
- 1 Base unit with AC adapter
- 1 Window/door sensor (wireless transmission up to 250 feet)
- 1 Motion detector (range up to 8 yards)
- 1 Remote control w/panic feature for arming and disarming the unit

The inexpensive, HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System, is simple to use and cost's only $119.95, with no maintenance charges!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Have You Heard of the Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% with Quick Release Key Chain?

The best thing to have on a self defense pepper spray unit is a Quick Release Key Chain, because you can easily un-attache the unit from your car ignition or door knob and use it against an attacker!

Be ready to defend yourself, wherever you are! Keep a pepper spray unit that is convenient and effective with not 10% but 18% burning power. Simply aim it at an attacker's eyes and face and watch him or her start crying, coughing and closing their eyes from all the pain it inflicts! Then simply leave the scene, unharmed.

This particular unit is called the Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% w/ Quick Release Keychain Cheetah. This unit has a large enough open pocket, for you to shoot it, without having to un-attache the button. Simply slide your finger in the pouch, aim and press the button down!

The extra key ring, allows you to leave your keys in an ignition or door knob, while you spray an individual for self defense! It reaches a distance of 8 feet and contains approximately 5 one second bursts. Plus, a UV Marking Dye is included in the pepper solution, that helps police identify the individual, if they place him or her under a UV Lamp. This verifies, that they caught the right individual! The Wildfire is also available in other colors, patterns and in hard or soft cases, all with Quick Release Keychains.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Did You Know That TASER International Has A New Unit Called The Taser Pulse?

This unit is for people that like the shape of a regular gun, but don't want to kill a person and land up in prison!

As we all know, Tasers are non lethal units. It will stop an individual from attacking you, even if they are up to 15 feet away! The TASER Pulse has incredible features... The most important one for us women, is that it won't hurt your shoulder like a firearm does, when you shoot it!

Read TASER Pulse Features Below
• Non lethal self defense unit
• Reaches 15 feet away
• LED light for viewing surroundings
• Includes Laser sight for perfect aiming
• Won't kick you back or hurt your shoulder, perfect for women
• Only measures 5.25 inches
• Can be left on ground while still tasing
• If stolen, you can get a new unit for FREE, if you file a police report
• Stun gun backup, if cartridge has been deployed
• No cleaning required

With all the self defense features... you would think it is complicated to use. But it isn't! It's automatically done for you, once you are ready to shoot an attacker. The Taser Pulse, only weighs 8 ounces, far less than a hand gun with all the bullets... Don't use a firearm that can land you in prison for killing a person! It's no wonder that Tasers are the weapon of choice around the world, for the police and for personal protection, as well.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Is This A Pen Or A Knife? Actually, It's Both!

This simple self defense pen knife, writes and also protects you from an attacker, because it has a concealed 2.13 inch blade!
No batteries needed, just simply take the cap off and you have a self defense unit that cost's only $7.29. Of course it has ink in it, so it also writes, as well! Perfect when you are on the go, be it when going to work, college, making errands or going to a nightclub for the evening. It's available in black, gold and silver colors.

The Pen Knife is available in black, gold and silver, with a blade that measures 2.13 inches long. It also includes a clip, like ordinary pens have and of course it writes! Plus, it's simple to use... Just pull the bottom off the cap and expose the sharp knife for self defense. A disguised weapon that only you know, you have! Take it with you to work, college, errands or to your favorite nightclub or bar.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered, Available in 4 Colors with Incredible Built In Features!

Don't wait until the last minute to get a radio that includes all the features for keeping your family safe and of course for simply playing music or informing you of the news.
This must have radio, sounds great and can also help you in emergency situations. As you know, we are already in hurricane storm season and it's crucial to be informed. This Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered, is a superb unit with incredible features, such as weather bands, Dynamo cranking power and more... You won't want to be without this incredible unit, if there is a hurricane, tornado or strong storm! Below is a simple list of it's features.

Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered Features
• Dynamo cranking power
• Solar panel power
• AA batteries
• Built-in rechargeable battery pack
• AC adaptor charge from the 3.5 mm jack (optional)
• Charge from a computer via USB port
• Lighting: 5 LED, flashlight and red blinking emergency alert
• Several radio receptions, weather bands, etc.
• Available in red, green, yellow, blue or black

Read more details about the Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered with solar panel, by pressing the link above!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ergonomic Sting Ring Stun Gun with Incredible 18 Million Volts, in Pink or Black

This unit is perfect for women or men's self defense. It's ergonomic, fits between your fingers and requires just squeezing the unit, to stun an attacker!

If you are considering to buy a self defense unit, this particular one is very popular with customers. It's called the Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts and available in pink or black. This unit is easily concealed and to activate, all you have to do is squeeze the unit. The rounded ergonomic 18 Million Volts unit, is rubberized, so it won't slip from your hand. Plus, it's easy to conceal, since only the probes in the front are only showing when it's in your hand!

This squeeze unit is available in Pink or Black and includes a safety switch, it's small, concealable, rechargeable and includes a Lifetime Warranty... Before you purchase, make sure that your State allows carrying stun guns. Check our Stun Gun Info!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Our Strongest Stun Baton Has 20 Million Volts and Includes a Flashlight, Plus More!

Our store has a stun baton that exceeds most others in the market, not only in volts, but also in reach; 14 ¾" long x 1 ½ 

A stun baton adds extra distance from an attacker. Be it during a home intruder incident or while you are walking around the block with your pet. It's perfect for individuals that prefer more space, between them and an attacker.

Stun Baton w/Flashlight 20 Million Volts Features
– 20 Million volts of powerful takedown power
– Built with aircraft quality aluminum
– Includes a 120 lumen LED flashlight
– Rubberized exterior, prevents slippage from your hand
– Includes wrist strap to keep it handy
– A charging cord is included
– Includes a belt clip for when not in use
– Measures, 14 ¾ inches long x 1 ½ round
– Includes Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect

The Stun Baton w/Flashlight 20 Million Volts is made with well made aircraft quality aluminum. It's perfect for self defense, whether you encounter a home invasion, or simply for feeling safe by walking around with it. The 120 lumen LED flashlight, temporarily blinds and disorients a home intruder. Plus, the distance of 14 ¾ inches long, makes for a comfortable space, between you and a home intruder!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Protect Yourself From Attackers or Rapists and Also Help Women Fight Breast Cancer!

At, we have a package that includes a stun gun and a pepper spray, which a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer.

The units consist of an 8.8 Million Volts Stun Gun and a Pink Pepper Spray w/keyring, perfect for using against a rapist or attacker.

The Stun Gun includes: 8.8 million volts, built-in charger, bright LED flashlight, disable pin, rubberized armor coating, safety switch, holster and lifetime warranty from manufacturer’s defect. It measures 4” x 2 1/8” x 7/8”.

The Pepper Spray includes: 18% pepper, reaches 8 feet, includes safety lock, hard or soft case holster, keyring, UV marking dye, and available in many colors.

Plus, also remember that when you purchase any of these units that protects you from attackers or rapists, a portion of the proceeds also goes toward the cure for Breast Cancer!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

It Wouldn’t Be Summer Without A Pool… This One Also Has An Alarm, As Well!

The alarm lets you know when the pool is being used. This is important, especially if you have small children or pets, and safety is a must.

If you have children or pets, a pool alarm is a must! The Pool Alarm, sets off a loud pulsating alarm inside your home, if the sensor detects an unsupervised entry into the pool, via the remote receiver. Once you activate the unit, it will always be on, unless you put it into SLEEP MODE. Plus, if someone is messing with your pool without you knowing, like a thief, the unit will also sound the alarm! It even includes a low battery indicator and the receiver can be as far as 200 feet from the main unit in the pool.

Practice safety this entire summer by making your pool safe for you, your children and your pets!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Need Self Defense? Consider the Mace Pepper Gun That Reaches 20 Feet Away!

This non lethal unit, will not land you in prison, like a firearm would, yet it will protect you from an attacker or rapist, from a distance of up to 20 feet away! 

As illustrated above, it fire's pepper spray that can reach up to 20 feet away. The unit can also be shot sideways or upside down, unlike other pepper units that can only be used right side up.

When women or men purchase the Mace Pepper Gun, it includes one practice cartridge with water and one pepper cartridge for self defense. You can empty the unit in one shot or get approximately 6 to 7 powerful bursts against an attacker! It also includes an LED light, that is a activated by the trigger. The light can also be used as a strobe light... great for mesmerizing the attacker at a distance. Plus, it also has a "SAFE" trigger position, to prevent accidental discharges.

Consider purchasing this long reach, 20 feet distance, Mace Pepper Gun, instead of a firearm, that can land you in prison. Cartridge Refills are available as well. It's available in black, silver, pink and camo! Perfect for women or men's self defense against attackers or rapists.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Runt Stun Guns With 20 Million Volts, Are Available In 6 Colors, Only $19.99

There is no need to use lethal weapons for self defense, when you have these beauties. They won't land you in prison and are very affordable!

They're pretty, aren't they? But, that's not what makes them powerful against an attacker! We call it the Runt Stun Gun 20 Million Volts and it's very affordable, only $19.99! In case you've never had a stun gun, they are very easy to use. Just turn it on, push the round button down and touch an attacker with the end of the unit. Keep touching them until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. That's it! Then escape from the scene, as soon as possible...

Runt Stun Gun Features
- Includes 20 Million Volts of non-lethal, self defense takedown power
- Won't slip from hand, has rubberized coating exterior
- Has convenient LED flashlight that disorients, if you aim toward eyes
- Built in charger, simply plugs into wall socket
- Wrist strap disable pin, prevents attacker from using it against you
- Affordable, only $19.99
- Includes a free nylon holster
- Includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacture's defect

Monday, July 11, 2016

At, We Have Concealed Carry Purses!

Ladies, whether you want to conceal a firearm or a non lethal self defense unit, such as a stun gun, we have the perfect purses for you to hide them in!
Aphrodite Concealed Carry Purse: Wine             Cora Concealed Carry Purse: Black
Women don't need to become vulnerable to criminals or rapists. They can protect themselves if they have a concealed carry purse that conveniently places their weapon at arms reach. Our store has 4 purse models to choose from!

These purses come in different sizes and the concealed compartment is ambidextrous, so it doesn't matter if you are left or right handed! They are available in small and larger sizes, depending on what size purse you like. The purses have extra multiple pockets, just like regular purses do. Plus, they all include long straps, besides the regular purse handle.

PLUS, if you actually have to shoot toward a dangerous individual and don't have time to take the weapon out, you can actually shoot through the purse... Then, simply file a police report and your purse will be replaced with a new one, at no extra cost to you!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Have You Heard of the Trigger Stun Guns 18 Million Volts?

These incredible 18 million volt units are easy to use. Simply press the convenient red trigger and touch an attacker. Keep touching them, not pushing, until they fall to the ground and become helpless and confused!

This unit has the essential features for self defense. It's easy to use, by simply pressing the side of the unit. Of course, it comes with a disable pin wrist strap. The disable pin wrist strap will render the unit unusable, if the attacker gets ahold of the Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts!

But the disable pin wrist strap is not the only feature this unit has... It's also equipped with a rubberized exterior to prevent the unit from slipping from your hand. Plus, it includes a 100 lumen flashlight to shine into an attacker's eyes. This unit is also rechargeable, no need for batteries and keeps charge up to 3 months!

The stun gun measures, 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8", is available in 6 colors and one in zebra pattern. Take it with you wherever you go... Also handy for jogging, quick walking or take it to work or college! Plus, remember, that it also keeps it's charge for up to 3 months!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

If You Live In A City That Doesn't Allow Pepper Spray, The Next Best Thing Is A Personal Alarm!

At, we have many personal alarms and one of the most popular ones we sell, is the Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm. Only $19.99

Mace doesn't only sell pepper spray, they also make personal alarms. These units are the next best thing women or men can use if they can't carry pepper spray, a stun gun or a Taser, in the State they live in.

The Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm has the highest alarm civilians can carry, a 130db unit. The 130db can be heard from far away, letting others know that you are in danger or need help! This unit also includes a strobe light that can also be used as a regular flashlight, as well! Strobe lights aimed at an attacker's eyes, can disorient an attacker.

Plus, it includes some FREE ATTACHMENTS that can keep you safe and can be used as a door or window alarm, pretty nifty and easy to setup... Not only does this Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm alert others of your emergency for just $19.99, but it offers extra protection with the door or window attachments for your home, as well!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Did You Know That Mace Sells 9 Different Disguised, Self Defense Lipstick Pepper Sprays?

These lovely Mace pepper spray containers are perfect for women's self defense, can reach 10 feet and bring an element of surprise, to a would be attacker!

It's normal for women to carry lipstick containers and that's the beauty of these particular self defense units... Women just need to take the cap off and push the spray button. Very simple, yet highly useful for preventing a woman from getting hurt or even raped. It's best to especially aim toward the eyes and their entire face, which causes a burning sensation on the nose as well. It's also possible for the hot substance to enter an opened mouth and can also be inhaled into the lungs, too!

The disguised, Mace Lipstick Units, can reach 10 feet and contain 6, one second bursts! Besides the 2 polka dot units, they also are available in 4 solid colors: black, red, gold and pink. PLUS, also offers them in silver, pink and black RHINESTONE. All together, you have a choice of 9 Mace colors for women's self defense!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's Summer And The Best Time Of The Year For Camping!

If you like the outdoors and camping or hiking, you will love one of our newer handy products, built especially for us adventurous individuals!

Enjoy the summer without any worries. We have a product that you will love and includes incredible features, you shouldn't be without, while in the outdoors. It's called the Flint Striker Fire Starter with Compass! You are probably thinking, that's not so special... But wait till you know all the other handy features it has. Besides the compass and fire starter, it also includes other features like a whistle, SOS signal and more! Read the features below.

Camping Features You Shouldn't Be Without:
- Flint striker fire starter w/ 8,000 strikes
- Compartment to store dry tinder
- Includes adjustable nylon cord
- Built-in compass to prevent from getting lost
- Includes whistle, to alert others
- Reminders for using SOS and morse code signals
- Alpine rescue signal in morse code
- Plus other hand signals for getting help

Friday, July 1, 2016

Need A Security Alarm That Won't Break The Bank? Get the Mace® Glass Breakage Alarm, For Only $11.99 Each

These simple and affordable Mace® alarms, can be easily installed in all your windows and glass doors. Simply peel off back strip and paste onto glass.

You don't need to pay an alarm company every month, to keep you aware of a break-in. Simply purchase as many glass breakage alarms as you need for your windows and doors in your house, to prevent home intruders! No need to get an expensive home security system! Plus, the units are battery operated, so if any of them goes bad after a couple of years, all you have to do is replace the battery.

These affordable Mace® Window Glass Breakage Alarms have a 95-decible alarm that will definitely let you know if home intruders are trying to break into your house! The 95-decible alarm will set off, if it detects a window vibration. Batteries are included, for every unit you purchase. Plus, if you want to open a window for fresh air, simply turn that particular window's unit, off!

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