Thursday, July 28, 2016

Going Away For The Summer? Get the Wireless Home Security System, For Only One Payment of $119.95!

Don't spend money on monthly payments for a home security device. Install a simple alarm system that will let you know if there is a home intrusion.

This inexpensive wireless unit will notify you if it detects motion from a door or window, by calling up to 5 preset phone numbers of your choice, for only $119.95 with no maintenance charges! You can add your cellphone number or your office, neighbor's, police or anyone else's number. The HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System will call each number to let other's know that there has been a home intrusion, by including a message recorded by you! A friend, neighbor or police, will have the option to listen in the room, broadcast their voice or just simply disarm the alarm system.

HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System Includes:
- 1 Base unit with AC adapter
- 1 Window/door sensor (wireless transmission up to 250 feet)
- 1 Motion detector (range up to 8 yards)
- 1 Remote control w/panic feature for arming and disarming the unit

The inexpensive, HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System, is simple to use and cost's only $119.95, with no maintenance charges!

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