Thursday, July 21, 2016

Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered, Available in 4 Colors with Incredible Built In Features!

Don't wait until the last minute to get a radio that includes all the features for keeping your family safe and of course for simply playing music or informing you of the news.
This must have radio, sounds great and can also help you in emergency situations. As you know, we are already in hurricane storm season and it's crucial to be informed. This Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered, is a superb unit with incredible features, such as weather bands, Dynamo cranking power and more... You won't want to be without this incredible unit, if there is a hurricane, tornado or strong storm! Below is a simple list of it's features.

Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered Features
• Dynamo cranking power
• Solar panel power
• AA batteries
• Built-in rechargeable battery pack
• AC adaptor charge from the 3.5 mm jack (optional)
• Charge from a computer via USB port
• Lighting: 5 LED, flashlight and red blinking emergency alert
• Several radio receptions, weather bands, etc.
• Available in red, green, yellow, blue or black

Read more details about the Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered with solar panel, by pressing the link above!

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