Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's Summer And The Best Time Of The Year For Camping!

If you like the outdoors and camping or hiking, you will love one of our newer handy products, built especially for us adventurous individuals!

Enjoy the summer without any worries. We have a product that you will love and includes incredible features, you shouldn't be without, while in the outdoors. It's called the Flint Striker Fire Starter with Compass! You are probably thinking, that's not so special... But wait till you know all the other handy features it has. Besides the compass and fire starter, it also includes other features like a whistle, SOS signal and more! Read the features below.

Camping Features You Shouldn't Be Without:
- Flint striker fire starter w/ 8,000 strikes
- Compartment to store dry tinder
- Includes adjustable nylon cord
- Built-in compass to prevent from getting lost
- Includes whistle, to alert others
- Reminders for using SOS and morse code signals
- Alpine rescue signal in morse code
- Plus other hand signals for getting help

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