Friday, July 8, 2016

Have You Heard of the Trigger Stun Guns 18 Million Volts?

These incredible 18 million volt units are easy to use. Simply press the convenient red trigger and touch an attacker. Keep touching them, not pushing, until they fall to the ground and become helpless and confused!

This unit has the essential features for self defense. It's easy to use, by simply pressing the side of the unit. Of course, it comes with a disable pin wrist strap. The disable pin wrist strap will render the unit unusable, if the attacker gets ahold of the Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts!

But the disable pin wrist strap is not the only feature this unit has... It's also equipped with a rubberized exterior to prevent the unit from slipping from your hand. Plus, it includes a 100 lumen flashlight to shine into an attacker's eyes. This unit is also rechargeable, no need for batteries and keeps charge up to 3 months!

The stun gun measures, 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8", is available in 6 colors and one in zebra pattern. Take it with you wherever you go... Also handy for jogging, quick walking or take it to work or college! Plus, remember, that it also keeps it's charge for up to 3 months!

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