Monday, July 11, 2016

At, We Have Concealed Carry Purses!

Ladies, whether you want to conceal a firearm or a non lethal self defense unit, such as a stun gun, we have the perfect purses for you to hide them in!
Aphrodite Concealed Carry Purse: Wine             Cora Concealed Carry Purse: Black
Women don't need to become vulnerable to criminals or rapists. They can protect themselves if they have a concealed carry purse that conveniently places their weapon at arms reach. Our store has 4 purse models to choose from!

These purses come in different sizes and the concealed compartment is ambidextrous, so it doesn't matter if you are left or right handed! They are available in small and larger sizes, depending on what size purse you like. The purses have extra multiple pockets, just like regular purses do. Plus, they all include long straps, besides the regular purse handle.

PLUS, if you actually have to shoot toward a dangerous individual and don't have time to take the weapon out, you can actually shoot through the purse... Then, simply file a police report and your purse will be replaced with a new one, at no extra cost to you!

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