Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Have You Heard of the Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% with Quick Release Key Chain?

The best thing to have on a self defense pepper spray unit is a Quick Release Key Chain, because you can easily un-attache the unit from your car ignition or door knob and use it against an attacker!

Be ready to defend yourself, wherever you are! Keep a pepper spray unit that is convenient and effective with not 10% but 18% burning power. Simply aim it at an attacker's eyes and face and watch him or her start crying, coughing and closing their eyes from all the pain it inflicts! Then simply leave the scene, unharmed.

This particular unit is called the Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% w/ Quick Release Keychain Cheetah. This unit has a large enough open pocket, for you to shoot it, without having to un-attache the button. Simply slide your finger in the pouch, aim and press the button down!

The extra key ring, allows you to leave your keys in an ignition or door knob, while you spray an individual for self defense! It reaches a distance of 8 feet and contains approximately 5 one second bursts. Plus, a UV Marking Dye is included in the pepper solution, that helps police identify the individual, if they place him or her under a UV Lamp. This verifies, that they caught the right individual! The Wildfire is also available in other colors, patterns and in hard or soft cases, all with Quick Release Keychains.

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