Friday, July 22, 2016

Is This A Pen Or A Knife? Actually, It's Both!

This simple self defense pen knife, writes and also protects you from an attacker, because it has a concealed 2.13 inch blade!
No batteries needed, just simply take the cap off and you have a self defense unit that cost's only $7.29. Of course it has ink in it, so it also writes, as well! Perfect when you are on the go, be it when going to work, college, making errands or going to a nightclub for the evening. It's available in black, gold and silver colors.

The Pen Knife is available in black, gold and silver, with a blade that measures 2.13 inches long. It also includes a clip, like ordinary pens have and of course it writes! Plus, it's simple to use... Just pull the bottom off the cap and expose the sharp knife for self defense. A disguised weapon that only you know, you have! Take it with you to work, college, errands or to your favorite nightclub or bar.

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