Friday, July 29, 2016

Did You Know That Has An Exercise Sports Package?

Not only will you exercise, but you will work out with self defense units that will keep you safe. Be it outside while biking at night, pepper spray protection from attackers or using a panic alarm for help in a college campus or on the streets!
Our store has a package called the, Exercise Sports Package. It consists of 3 items, that will help you stay safe while you are outdoors.
  • The Mace Jogger Pepper Spray, reaches 8 to 12 feet, contains 10 one second bursts and more!
  • The Mini Personal Panic Alarm, with light, for college, city or to let others know, you need help, such as campus police!
  • The Bicycle Safety Headlight, perfect for those late, college night classes, many students attend.
As you can already tell, not only people that use a bicycle safety headlight can take advantage of this package for self defense, college students and the elderly also benefit as well. Female college students, in particular, are one of the most vulnerable citizens, when it comes to attacks or rapes in our country.

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