Monday, August 1, 2016

Small Fry Mini Stun Gun, Carries 8.8 Million Volts of Takedown Power!

Do you carry a self defense unit on a daily basis? If you don't, you should! This non lethal weapon for women, men or college students, conveniently charges by simply plugging it directly into a wall socket and more!
It seems like society now a days, gets more and more dangerous. Especially if you are a female, college student, senior citizen or handicapped individual. Women and men need protection in a society that everyday has multiple killings. Consider the Small Fry Mini Stun Gun 8.8 Million Volts for your self defense or a college student!

One of the best self defense weapons citizens can use is a stun gun. It's non lethal, yet it can drop a person down, when you touch them with it. Usually touching an attacker for 2 to 4 seconds, will drop them to the ground and if you keep touching them, they will become incoherent and will only be able to move their eyes! Then leave the scene immediately! Plus, it's not a lethal unit, it won't land you in prison...

Small Fry Mini Stun Gun 8.8 Million Volts
• Non lethal weapon for women and men
• 8.8 Million volts of takedown power
• Built in charger, simply plugs directly into wall socket
• Includes bright LED light
• Includes disable pin (if attacker takes it, it won't work)
• Entirely rubberized, to protect the unit and offer a firm grip
• Safety switch, prevents unit from accidentally discharging
• Free nylon holster is included
• Available in purple, pink and black
• Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect

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