Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NEW: Pepper Spray w/ Quick Release Keychain Rhinestone Bling Bling Purple Holster, Only $10.95!

It's beautiful yet powerful as well, with a convenient quick release keychain. This unit allows you to open a door or leave your keys in a car ignition, yet still be able to use the pepper spray against an attacker!
Our newest product on our store, demands respect! It's an incredible self defense unit, yet it looks harmless, with beautiful rhinestones adhered to a little pouch. This unit is called the Pepper Spray w/ Quick Release Keychain Rhinestone Bling Bling Purple Holster!

Need more info? Of course! For only $10.95, you can have a small unit that others might consider a small decorative little purse, but really is a self defense unit to prevent a rapist or attacker from hurting you. This little beauty can reach 8 feet and contains 5 one-second bursts. The convenient Quick Key Release is very handy, as well. It allows you to keep for example, your keys on the ignition, and yet still be able to pepper spray a rapist or attacker. The unit also has a lock and a UV Marking Dye that facilitates police in capturing the right individual, by placing the suspect under a UV Lamp... All for only $10.95!

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