Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our Triple Self Defense Package: Stun Gun, Pepper Spray and a Personal Alarm... Great for College Students!

Whether you are buying this package for yourself or a college student, these triple units will keep you safe! It offers you 3 different ways to easily defend yourself!

Consider the Triple Self Defense Package! It includes a Stun Gun for closeup protection. A Pepper Spray which protects you at a distance and a Personal Alarm that let's others know, you are in a dangerous situation. Three items, each with different applications, depending on what situation you are confronted with! Remember to always stay alert, especially if you are alone or when it's dark outside.

Simple To Use Self Defense Products

  • The Stun Gun includes 18 million volts of self defense. Simply touch an attacker with the unit, keep touching until they fall to the ground and become incoherent... Then escape safely. Available in 7 colors and measures 4 5/8 inches tall.
  • The Pepper Spray reaches 6 to 8 ft., contains 6-10 bursts, includes convenient quick key release and UV Marking Dye. Choose from soft or hard cases and various colors. Also available in bulk, if you need several.
  • The Mini Personal Panic Alarm has a very loud 120dB alarm, which activates by simply squeezing the sides of the unit, an LED light is included and can also attach to a keychain. Available in black or pink.
Consider these units for yourself, a college student or anyone you might know that can benefit from this incredible package that includes a stun gun, personal alarm and a pepper spray.

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