Monday, August 29, 2016

Are You Missing THE HUNT WITH JOHN WALSH? It used to be called America's Most WANTED!

Remember that series, back in the day? How we all anticipated John Walsh letting us know what child was missing at the time or what dangerous criminal was on the loose? It's now on CNN!

Back when the series started, it was called "America's Most WANTED". Now it's called "THE HUNT WITH JOHN WALSH". We wanted to let our blog followers know that he is still around and still trying to find missing children and all the "skumbags"! As most of us know, he started when his small boy went missing in July 27, 1981. Eventually, they found his lost son's severed head, a couple of weeks later in a drainage canal.

After his son's death, John Walsh found his mission in life... He often said: "a missing child, is one too many". Since then, he decided his mission in life was to find criminals on the loose and capture them! Whether it's a robber, rapist or anyone that hurts or kills any adult or young child.

Thank you John Walsh! We are glad that you still are looking for "skumbags" and hope you continue the hunt on CNN, for a long, long time!

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