Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Are You on a Budget But Still Need Self Defense? Get the Keychain Pepper Spray, Only $7.61

The Keychain Pepper Spray has the same amount of pepper spray our other units have, except it's not inside a plastic container or pouch. The unit reaches 7 ft. and contains 5-6 one second bursts.

For only $7.61, you get a self defense Quick Key Release Keychain, as well! It allows for you to "snap off the pepper spray" so it can be used against an attacker, yet keep the rest of your keys in your car's ignition or your home's door... Very handy for women or men's safety!

You don't need to spend too much money for this Keychain Pepper Spray. Only $7.61, won't break the bank, yet since it's small, it's concealable, so you can protect yourself from rapists or purse snatchers. All us women need to do, is turn the red safety tab to the right and push it down, that's it! It's best to aim at the eyes of an attacker. It will cause so much pain, that they will shut their eyes, giving you an opportunity to escape safely. It can also go into a rapist's lungs, if they inhale it!

So don't think that just because it's small, it isn't powerful for self defense! It might not have an extra leatherette pouch or plastic round case for it, but it will defend you. In fact, this concealable unit, is the exact one that is inside those plastic covered units and pouches! Plus remember, it's perfect for women or men's self defense and has a Quick Key Release Keychain, too.

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