Friday, December 22, 2017

Holiday Gift: LED Clip On Shoe Lights, in Five Different Colors, Only $9.99!

Prevent your loved ones from getting hurt by a car, while walking down the sidewalk or riding a bike. 
Many people, especially college students, walk to different places at night or ride a bike. The LED Clip On Shoe Lights, are perfect because they glow in the dark and let others know that you or your college student, are walking or biking.

These units come in 6 colors: green, pink, white, red, blue and yellow. They are also handy for when you walk your dog, or simply for exercise around your neighborhood block! These Clip On Shoe Lights. (These Clip On Shoe Lights come one unit per package)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday Gift: Police Force Tactical Sun Baton 10 Million Volts

The perfect gift for protecting your home, the Police Force Tactical Stun Baton 10 Million Volts... Get rid of that baseball bat under his bed!

This unit is perfect for your dad! Father's always try to keep their family safe and this unit is perfect for deterring intruders. It's called the Police Force Tactical Stun Baton 10 Million Volts. No need for having a baseball bat under his bed anymore...

This unit is perfect for dads, brothers or uncle's gift! The Police Force Tactical Sun Baton 10 Million Volts, is better than a Baseball bat. See the incredible features below...

Police Force Tactical Stun Baton 10 Million Volts Holiday Gift
- Now available for civilians
- Long reach, 13.5 inches
- Police strength, used by military, security professionals and more.
- Electrical charge: on top, two sides and middle, very convenient.
- Sharp front edge for more protection and emergency glass breaker.
3 Watt Cree LED light for blinding an attacker temporarily.
Long life LED light with 5 light modes.
- Light bulb has a life of up to 100,000.
Can be charged on a wall socket.
Rechargeable batteries.
- Includes three levels of safety, prevents accidents.
- Holster and wrist strap included.
- Great holiday gift

- Lifetime Warranty (batteries not included in the lifetime warranty)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday Gift: Mace® Triple Action Defense Spray with TEAR GAS and UV DYE to Identify the Individual!

These Mace units are available at in Pocket, Personal or Police model sizes. The larger the unit the further it reaches toward an attacker!

Consider these units for a gift, that also contain TEAR GAS, as well as pepper spray! They are easy to conceal in your pocket or purse. Or you can even place them in your keychain. These unique pepper sprays include TEAR GAS, which other units in the market normally don't have.

The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray, includes pepper spray, tear gas and a UV Marking Dye that if police capture the attacker, they can place them under a UV lamp to verify they caught the right individual... Hence Triple Action! The largest Police unit reaches up to 8-12 feet away!

When using the unit, aim at their eyes and face! It will give a hot burning sensation and the attacker will have to close their eyes from all the pain that they will feel. Afterwards, simply leave the scene immediately!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holiday Gift: College Self Defense Package

If you have a son or daughter and they are going to college, they might need some protection and at, we have them covered!

At we have many disguised units that bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker!

This one is called the "College Self Defense Package" and it includes three incredible and easy to use, self defense units:

A Runt Mini Stun Gun: with 20 million volts of self defense. Includes LED flashlight, available in many colors, rubberized coating, safety switch, disable pin (attacker can't use it against your child), and black holster.

A Disguised Pen: with pepper spray in it (does not write), which shoot's pepper spray up to 6 feet away. It contains 5 one-second bursts and reaches up to 6 feet away.

A Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm: perfect for letting campus police know that your child is in a predicament and needs help. The alarm emits 130db the maximum allowed for civilians.

Consider this College Self Defense Package for students, or any other person you might think will need it!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday Gift: Wall Clock Hidden Safe

At, we have many Hidden Safe units. They look real, but are really to hide things in them, such as jewelry!

Wall Clock Hidden Safe OpenSome people like to keep some valuables, hidden from others in their home or at work. At, we have many Hidden Safe units that are disguised as ordinary items. In this case we are showing the Wall Clock Hidden Safe!

If you feel like you need to hide some small items from others, be it family or friends, we have many hidden safes you can hide things in, like money! Nobody will know that you have hidden something because it will look like an ordinary item in your home... Such as this Wall Clock Hidden Safe! You can hide money, jewelry, watches or any other small items!

The Wall Clock Hidden Safe, looks normal but it has a compartment to hide your valuables! This particular unit has a compartment that measures 10 inches in diameter and 2 3/4 inches thick.  Perfect for hiding money, jewelry, watches and more! We also have many other hidden safes... Check all of them HERE!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Holiday Gift: Runt Stun Guns With 20 Million Volts of Self Defense Power!

At, we carry with us the Runt Stun Gun units. They fit nicely in your hand and include a respectful 20 Million volts of self defense!

These units are incredible... I've literally had the same unit for over 6 years now and it still works! Plus, they are easy to charge, simply stick the prongs into a wall socket and let it charge about 6 to 8 hours. The Runt Stun Guns also include a WRIST STRAP DISABLE PIN. If an attacker tries to take it from you, the wrist strap will pull out of the unit and it will not work... (This prevents the attacker from using the unit against you!)

The self defense, Runt Stun Guns with 20 Million Volts, also include an LED flashlight. The LED light is handy to shine the unit at an attacker's face and eyes, disorienting him or her! The built in charger and rubberized coating prevent slippage from your hand! Plus, a black nylon holster is also included.

These units have a 5 Year Warranty, as well. Although I've had mine for longer!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Holiday Gift: Mace Pepper Spray Night Defender

Here's a unique gift for women that can prevent them from getting attacked. It's made by Mace and it also includes an LED light that women can shine into an attacker's eyes, blinding them temporarily!

This unit is perfect for preventing attacks during the night. Great to have while women are at nightclubs, or if they take public transportation. Women or men can take advantage of this unit, which has pepper spray GEL! The GEL sticks to an attackers face and eyes better than normal liquid pepper spray. Normal pepper tends to slide off the attacker's face.

The Mace Pepper Spray Night Defender also includes an LED light. The LED light is great for shining it at an attacker's eyes. This disorients them and they will not be able to see you well.

Of course, it also includes pepper spray too! This unit reaches up to 18 feet away. Enough distance for your loved ones to escape unhurt. Most units only reach 8 to 10 feet. Plus, it also includes a UV marking dye. If the attacker is taken in by authorities, the dye will show up around their face, when police place him or her under a UV Lamp, verifying they caught the right individual.

Remember, this unique unit with sticky gel, can reach 18 feet away, a good distance from a bad intentioned individual!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holiday Gift: Sabre Drink Test Kit for Women

Parties, nightclubs and dancing are all what most people like to do during the Holidays. Having fun with friends and family, plus of course, the occasional drink... But beware!

There are also bad intentioned individuals that like to prey on others, especially women! At, we always remind our customers that although the Holidays are a happy occasion, there are predators that like to take advantage of women. Predators are sometimes common at nightclubs, parties and bars. Don't let your sister, daughter, girlfriend or any other women, fall pray to  predators during the Holidays. Make sure that they drink safely by testing their drink! At's website we have SABRE DRINK TEST KITS!!!

All women have to do is test their drink, for example in the lady's room. A simple and easy short test will let them know if their drink is safe to consume! Make sure all your females are safe and can test their drinks, before they consume it! Be it your wife, mother, daughter or any other woman... Plus, don't forget the punch bowl, it also might be unsafe... Especially at college parties! Get SABRE DRINK TEST KITS this Holiday for all your ladies and keep them safe from predators!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday Gift: Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm by Mace®

It’s small, easy to use and can let others know that you or your loved ones have an emergency. Many college students use it to notify Campus Police, that they are in a predicament, too!

This high pitched unit can be heard 1/4 mile away. It emits a recognized emergency need for help! This unit contains 20 short aerosol blasts and can fit in a pocket or purse. All a person or student has to do if they are in a predicament, is simply press the red button down! College police and regular people will know it’s a call for help!

The Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm by Mace® is small and contains approximately 20 short aerosol blasts. Let your loved ones know, that you care for their safety. Whether they are in a college campus, or simply walking in the streets! Great for students, seniors and the handicapped as well!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Gift: Personal Safety Package, Plus Save 15% and get FREE shipping!

This package includes all you need to stay safe. A Stun Gun, Pepper Spray (soft case or hard case) and a Super Door Stop Alarm... Great Holiday Gift! 

It’s perfect for women, men, students and great for hotel stays as well. Below is the description of each essential unit.

Personal Safety Package Features

• Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun: Includes LED flashlight, red flashing emergency lights and a 130db alarm. Plus, it’s rubberized so it won’t slip from your hand, disable pin (prevents attacker from using it against you). The unit measures 4.7” x 2.5” x 1”. A free holster is also included.

• Pepper Spray with Quick Key Release: You can choose from soft or hard case containers that reach up to 10 feet and many colors to choose from!

• Super Door Stop Alarm: The alarm activates a 115db alarm, if it senses that someone is trying to open a door. It contains a sensor with adjustable sensitivity that activates the alarm! Plus it has an On/Off switch and a low battery indicator light. Also great for college student dorms too… This unit includes a 9-volt battery.

A perfect Holiday Gift for family and friends!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Gift: Have You Seen the Concealed Carry Purse's at

These purse's are unique, they have a compartment to conceal a weapon. Be it a gun, Taser or stun gun! Check out all of them... We're sure you'll be amazed!

Regular purses don't have a special section that keeps weapons handy and easy to take out. Plus, some of these purses with a special compartment, can able you to get the weapon from the back left side or right side of the purse!

These Concealed Carry Purse's come in several shapes and sizes to pick from. PLUS, if you ever need to shoot an attacker through the purse, you can report it to authorities and the manufacturer will send you another purse for FREE!

There are many conceal purses to choose from and some look like backpacks with more room to include other stuff you might need... Such as a gun, Taser or stun gun!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Gift: Wildfire Pepper Spray Pen, Only $10.99

Pepper spray disguised as a writing pen is perfect for women or men’s self defense. You see it looks like a regular pen, but it actually is a self defense unit!

Whether you or someone you know, goes to work, college, or simply need protection while taking public transportation, this unit is perfect for a Holiday Gift! No matter if you are a man or a women… carrying a self defense unit is necessary in this day and age!

This particular Wildfire Pepper Spray Pen, reaches up to 6 feet away. It includes a UV Marking Dye that police can detect if a bad intentioned individual is caught by police! This unit includes approximately 5 one-second burst. All you or your loved ones have to do is lift the cap and spray at an attacker’s face, especially at the eyes. The Wildfire Pepper Spray Pen, will make the attacker shut his or her eyes from all the pain it inflicts. Giving you an opportunity to escape safely!

The perfect Holiday Gift for your loved ones!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Gift: Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm

Perfect for college students to contact campus police, for women and also great for the elderly!

This Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm unit contains a 130db personal alarm, the highest pitch allowed by law in the USA. It also has a flashing emergency light, that you can aim at an attackers eyes and temporarily blind him or her. Plus, if you remove the pin from the top of the  unit the alarm will go off! Letting other’s know that you have an emergency… such as the need to reach the college campus police.

This 130db, Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm unit, has extra accessories too: It also includes free attachments to secure a door or a window, as well! Perfect for students, women and the elderly. Makes a great Holiday Gift!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Gift: Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts Zebra

One of our newest units that contains features other ones in our store don't have! It's called the Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts Zebra! Great Holiday Gift...

Let's not waste time, this unit includes incredible features not found in other similar units. Below are the new features along with the normal features, that  other stun guns contain! In case you didn't know, stun guns are non lethal. They temporarily drop an attacker to the ground, while you scape safely. The attacker will not be able to do a thing, just lay on the ground for a few minutes! You, of course, need to leave the scene immediately... Units are available in: green, purple, blue, red, pink and black!

Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts Zebra
- Unique easy to use squeeze trigger
- Wrist strap disable pin, attacker cannot use it against you
- Bright 100 lumen flashlight that temporarily blinds an attacker
- Rubberized coating prevents slippage
- Includes 18 million volts of takedown power
- Can keep it's charge for 3 months
- Measures: 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8"
- Available in 7 colors

Protect's your loved ones and makes a Great Holiday Gift!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Gift: Mace® Pepper Gun, In Black, Pink or Silver

The Mace Pepper Gun is non lethal and reaches 20 feet away! It makes a wonderful Holiday Gift and your loved ones will be impressed and safe, as well!

This non lethal, Mace Pepper Gun with LED light, won't kill a person, but will temporarily disable them, while you escape safely from an attacker. Makes a great Holiday Gift!

If you are interested on a non lethal unit, this one is the most popular in our store. You won't go to prison if you use it and it only cost's $59.99! This Mace® non lethal unit, can shoot a short distance, or up to 20 feet away... it depends on how you press the trigger. It also includes an LED light!

The Mace Pepper Gun uses cartridges of pepper spray that can spray 6 to 7 blasts! It comes with 2 cartridges. A water solution canister for practice and a real pepper spray solution for taking down attackers!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Gift: Pepper Spray Hard Case Special

Pepper spray has been around for a long time and at, we have 10 hard case units to choose from, for only $76.99!

Self defense Pepper Spray has been around for decades and makes a great gift! Your mother probably used it when she was younger to prevent scumbags from hurting her! Well, at, we are offering Pepper Spray with Hard Case 10 Pepper Spray Units Special!

Pepper Spray Hard Case Special, Prevents Attackers
Incapacitates attacker while you escape
Reaches 8 feet, 8 feet is a good distance from rapists
Includes 5 one second bursts
Has a safety lock
Spray contained in hard case unit
Includes keyring
• Includes belt clip
Includes UV DYE, for police apprehension if captured
• Free Shipping, too!

The best gift for your loved ones, that's unique and keeps them safe!

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