Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did You Know That Defense Sprays Come in Stream, Cone, Gel or Foam?

In fact, the most popular pepper products out there are the stream kind. Most women sometimes think that they purchased a defective one, because they expect it to be like hair spray!

Disguised pepper spray offers an element of surprise
But there is a reason for The Stream pattern. It is less likely to be affected by windy conditions. Therefore it is the most sold to women. But other patterns have their particular advantages, too!

The Fogger or Cone pattern which look more like your regular hair spray, are better for indoor use or for shorter distances. Foggers are also preferred by women who feel they might not be able to aim the weapon properly into an attackers face! When using a fogger, you need to spray and run away from the mist and the attacker, as soon as possible! This really applies to anytime you use any kind of pepper weapon.

Compact pepper spray with same amount of pepper spray substance as larger models, makes it very handy and easy to hide.The Gel pepper patterns have the advantage of sticking better to an attacker's face and therefore making it harder for him or her to wipe it off. Since the gel is heavier than the liquid stream ones, it is not affected as much by wind and the gel also reaches further since it's a heavier substance.

The Foam pattern defense units are made to expand on an attackers face. Foams expand up to 400%, when they reach an attacker, quickly engulfing their entire face. Foam weapons are also thicker, therefore, also less likely to be affected by wind and they too, can reach further than the more popular products.

Browse our website and pick the Mace Pepper Spray or the Pepper Spray (mostly Streetwise products) categories on the left side of the home page. We have all kinds of defense weapons. Some are disguised as lipstick, pens, kubotans, perfume and one looks like a gun. Others have lights and alarms attached to them, as well!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Girls from New Jersey Made a Video Threatening to Kill Classmates from Their School

The New Jersey 7th graders not only mentioned killing around a dozen classmates, but also some administrators from their school.

The 21 minute video in YouTube, has been pulled from the site, but these 2 girls were apparently serious about their killings and one of them allegedly read out the list of their target students, to some classmates on the school grounds. Obviously some students got very upset and told their parents. Some of the parents who had kids on the hit list, mentioned that their children were very upset by the threats made by the 2 girls and they also mentioned that the 2 are presently under medical evaluation. The case is now being looked at by the New Jersey police department.

It doesn't seem likely that these New Jersey YouTube girls were going to go through with their school killing threats, but just the fact that they made these serious threats is very troubling. Since the video was pulled, we don't know how they planned to do this horrendous act... If they had their parent's guns easily available to them, or if it was just their attempt to scare some of their classmates to death.

Needless to say, with today's communication technology such as YouTube, even the most innocent or weakest of our kind, such as these New Jersey girls, can be a huge threat to our society in general.

Source: Huffington Post

Friday, April 26, 2013

Self Defense Just Got Easier and Faster!

For those of you who purchased one of our Tornado pepper sprays, there's a new accessory you might want to consider. For those of you who haven't heard of this amazing self defense item, take a peek. You will be impressed!

The new accessory we are talking about is the Tornado Arm Band with Light! This is an accessory for the actual Tornado Pepper Spray unit which already has a 125db personal alarm, strobe light, speed release holster and can reach up to 15 feet away! Great for women who exercise regularly.

This Tornado Arm Band accessory is great for women who exercise outdoors because it frees our hands for a water bottle or something else. Whether you are a runner, jogger, fast walker, hiker or biker, this item is convenient to have. Some people will think it's a radio or something… Plus, the best part about it is, that you can shoot your pepper spray, set off the alarm and strobe light, all in about one second! The faster you react in self defense, the less likely you will get hurt.
Tornado Pepper Spray

The arm band also has a directional light that illuminates the surrounding area at night and lets others know that you are there. This is besides the strobe that the pepper spray unit has… This light is convenient to have if women exercise when it's dark and on the street or sidewalk. The unit requires 2 AAA batteries, that are not included.

So, if you already have the actual pepper spray product, consider accessorizing and free your hands!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Police Strength Pepper Spray for Women's Self Defense

This Mace product is larger than other pepper sprays. It's the same size police use, containing 18 grams versus most other products that have 11 grams. 

Mace police model pepper spray for women's personal protection.As all other Mace personal defense products, this item has 10% of the devastating hot substance, for your personal protection against an attacker. It's called the Mace PepperGard Pepper Spray Police Model. Anyone you aim it at, will know you mean business! This larger self defense model is still small enough to hide in a women's purse, but it has a belt clip that offers the flexibility of just attaching it to your pocket or pants. The PepperGard model also includes an ergonomic hand grip that makes it easy to use, with no confusion of aiming it properly. The case includes a safe and convenient flip top, that makes it easy to lift and press down for shooting a hot stream of devastation aimed at an attacker! The flip top also protects the unit from accidental discharge. It also includes a handy key chain, for you to add your keys on, making it very convenient and faster to access!

The PepperGard Police model, self defense pepper spray for women or men, can reach up to 12 feet and contains 10, one second shots or up to 20 quicker ones. The solution comes out as a stream, like most personal protection products do. This makes it heavier and less likely for the hot substance to blow back at you, in windy conditions.

Women should carry some sort of self defense item in our society. Make sure you choose one that is reliable and easy to use. Check out all our Mace personal protection sprays.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner

That special person who raised you is expecting to hear from you or better yet, have you visit her… Mother's Day is next month, on May 12th!

Photo by bterrycompton
She was the one that fed you, bathed you, and offered protection from this sometimes, cruel world. She placed you first, before herself and now, on Mother's Day, it's your turn to show your appreciation. Have you thought of a gift for her yet?

What better gift for your mom, to return the protection she gave you, with a self defense gift for her protection? Your mother will be touched to know that you want to protect her, for a change!

So return the favor, get her a self defense product gift that she can carry with her, wherever she goes. She now needs you to offer protection for her, and what better day than Mother's Day to offer her a self defense present she will appreciate and carry with her. In turn, you will feel better, knowing she can defend herself if someone tries to harm her, when she's out and about.

Mother's Day is an opportunity to show our moms how much we love them and how much we care about their safety, as well. Some extra candy or flowers wouldn't be a bad idea, either!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pepper Spray, Personal Alarm, Strobe Light, Quick Release Holster, All from a Distance of 15 Feet Away!

As far as we know, there is no other product available out there, with these 5 powerful features in a self defense weapon! 

Pepper spray for women that can reach 15 feet for self defense
This amazing weapon for women called the Tornado, comes with 5 important features for protecting us. First of all, it has pepper spray to shoot at an attacker's eyes and face. Second, it also includes a 125 decibel personal alarm. The alarm lets others know you are in danger and deters an attacker from harming you. Third, it has a bright Strobe Light. This strobe light temporarily blinds the attacker… So now you have hot pepper burning in an individual's eyes, who is temporarily blind, along with the unstoppable chocking, and you pretty much have a helpless would have been attacker! Plus fourth, as if all the above wasn't enough… The Tornado also has a convenient quick release or as the manufacturer likes to call it, a Speed Release Holster!

Now, for the 5th and the most impressive self defense feature of this amazing 5 in one self defense weapon for women… The Tornado can shoot pepper spray, up to 15 FEET AWAY! Way more than the average distance other defense sprays have, which averages from 5 to 8 feet. Reaching 15 feet, allows you to stay at a safer distance from an attacker.

By now you might think that all has been shared… Nope, we also want to mention that it includes safety features to prevent it from being used accidentally. Plus, if you wear the holster that comes with it, you can quickly release the pepper spray and activate the alarm and strobe light, all at once and in about 1 second! Hence the name, Speed Release Holster. Oh, did we mention that it's available in pink or black?

OK, we're done… You women can breath now. Just keep this baby in mind. There's nothing out there like the Tornado. Best of all, unlike other sprays, it can reach 15 feet away!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Leaving For Vacation Or Away From Home Often?

This convenient timer will turn your lamps on or off while you are away. Potential home intruders will think twice, before entering your house or apartment, if they have any brains at all!

Deter home intruders with an easy to program GE electric timer.The GE Programmable Easy Reach Timer, is not digital, but rather works with pegs. There is no need to read complicated instructions to program it, that only the manufacturers could understand…  This programmable GE product also has a lengthy 5 foot cord. Most timers just connect to the wall socket but with this convenient item, there is no need to break your back by kneeling down and turning it on or off or to adjust the settings. Just simply place it, for example, on top of an end table. The pegs can be adjusted but not removed, so you won't have to worry about loosing them or your pet, swallowing one! It even has an attractive, convenient protective cover, as well. Plus, it can also be used for other items besides lamps, such as a Christmas tree or rotating fan.

GE Programmable Easy Reach Timer Features
- Can be programed in 30 minute intervals
- Convenient override switch
- Slick, protective cover
- Adjustable, but non removable pegs
- Easy to reach if placed on top of a table
- For indoor use only
- 1 Year warranty included
- Made by General Electric

This easy to use, programmable item is a must for anyone that frequently is away from home. Buy one or more than one, to use them in different parts of your home. Deter home intruders, which avoid entering places where some sort of activity is going on. Lamps switching off and on, will make any home intruder, stay away!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Check out Our Package Deals and Save Money

If you browse our website and see more than one item that you like... You may want to consider checking out our grouped self defense items. You might find that the products you want, will already be together at a reduced price!

Pepper spray pen and strongest stun gun, with 8 million volts, for self defense.We have several ongoing offers on our website under the Package Deals Category. So far there are 12 different self defense groups to choose from, that us women would benefit from. 2 Groups help victims of Breast Cancer, since proceeds for 2 of the items included, go towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer. 3 Groups are dedicated toward College students or professors. They focus on items for general campus areas and dorm protection. We also carry packages geared toward just women, toward home protection, for people who exercise outdoors or people that just want pepper spray in different sizes… There's even a package that contains a solar radio that can also be hand cranked for when power outages or storms occur! Very handy to have in any home!

All these Package Deals eventually amount to self defense or protection. There are regular looking pepper spray and disguised pepper spray, personal and home alarms, stun guns, door brace, digital timer, kubotans, disguised safes, flashlights and more!

Take a quick look at the products that are there for women's self defense including the 2 which benefit Breast Cancer research, as well.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have You Ever Heard of a Cell Phone Stun Gun?

Many people haven't, but many people carry them for self defense. They are powerful weapons that can contain up to 5.5 Million volts!
Disguised, 5.5 Million volts, self defense cell phone weapon.
Pink Cell Phone Stun Gun

OK, you are thinking there is a new cell phone by a major manufacturer that has an App for personal protection! Unfortunately that isn't the case, but if it were, we would be the first to carry such a handy item!

Under the Cell Phone Category, on our website, we offer disguised stun guns that look like cell phones! They are to be used as a weapon, not a as a conversation device. How are they used exactly? Sometimes just setting them off, makes an electrical sound that is very intimidating. But if that doesn't work, the painful, high voltage used against an attacker by touching them with it, will  make them stay away from you! Better yet, if you touch them for more than 2 seconds, they most likely will fall down and become helpless. This will allow you to escape from harm's way!

We have six self defense models for you to choose from on our website. Our stun gun disguised weapons are available from 3.5 to 5.5 Million volts of take down power. We even have a pink one for which a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer! You get protection and at the same time, a Breast Cancer patient gets help. Some of our Cell Phone disguised stun gun weapons, require batteries but most are rechargeable. A couple, even have rubberized armor exteriors that prevent them from slipping off your fingers! They all have an LED flashlight, safety switch, holster and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for any manufacturer's defect.

If you purchase the Pink model shown on left, for your self defense, you will be helping yourself and a Breast Cancer patients, as well!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Women On Guard® Has a Huge Selection of Mace Products!

If you are looking to purchase a Mace product, you need to check our website, WomenOnGuard.com. We have 52 products made by this reliable brand.

Female passenger in public city bus.

To be exact, at WomenOnGuard.com, we have 47 pepper spray products by Mace, 2 home protection ones and 3 personal alarm or emergency alert ones. Which amounts to a total 52 products! Browse through our Mace Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms and Home Protection categories, where you are sure to find quality items at reasonable prices.

Our largest category, of course, are the self defense sprays. They come in many sizes and shapes. Some are disguised to look like objects such as lipstick… Others, have foam or gel instead of the conventional liquid stream solution. Many have glow in the dark, locking safety caps, as well. All these self defense sprays come with UV Dye, to identify an aggressor, if captured by police!

Self defense Mace sprays for women and menAt WomenOnGuard.com, you will find information describing all these 52 products. Such as how far the pepper products can reach, the amount of bursts and how much solution each container has. Plus, remember that the Mace pepper brand has been around for decades and is very reliable to use as a self defense weapon, against aggressors by women as well as men. Their Alarms are also very dependable.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Writing Pen and a Weapon in One!

This is not your ordinary writing utensil. In fact, there is no product out there that is quite like this! Mace makes it and it's a must have for women's self defense!

There are similar pens out there, but non also have the capacity to actually write, like a common pen or are refillable, either! It's called the Mace Pepper Pen Defender and it can shoot pepper spray that can reach up to 5 feet away! It's sleek, attractive and includes a safety cap that you simply flip and then  press a button down. That's all you have to do for self defense! Best of all, as mentioned before, it's also refillable! No need to buy another Mace Pen Defender again.

Us women can take it to college, work or shopping for that matter! This handy weapon fits in your purse, briefcase, backpack or simply clip it to a pocket. Take this refillable pepper spray writing utensil with you, wherever you go. It's convenient for women to use when they need to write something or for self defense. Makes a great gift as well. Perhaps for Mothers Day, that's just around the corner!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ever Get Locked Out Of Your House?

It happens to people all the time. They have a door that can be locked from the inside, so they lock it as they step out of their home. But, they forget to take the key with them!

Avoid locksmiths, hide extra door keys in your yard.
Getting locked out of my house is common with me. But now I have no worries, because, if I get absent minded again, I know to look for the spare key that is inside the Rock Key Hider, in my yard. Some doors are also set up where they are locked, but you can still open them from the inside, to go outdoors… But once you decide to go back inside your house, they lock you out! Our home's back entrance has such a door. Why they make them like that, is beyond me.

The Rock Key Hider, is very handy to have for your home's backyard, front yard, or both! Not only is it handy for houses but it's also handy for your car. People many times misplace their car keys or even worse, lock them inside their own car! This product, is not only a frustration saver, but it also saves you the money you would have to spend to get a locksmith! If you have a garden or lawn, you shouldn't be without one of these handy gadgets!

The Rock Key Hider is approximately 3.5 inches long, with plenty of room to spare for any other small thing you might want to hide inside of it. It's weather resistant and hard as a rock!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Solution to Date Rape Drugs!

We've all heard of some guys placing drugs into women's drinks at bars, to later date rape them. Now women can do a quick and easy test, before consuming any beverage at bars or parties.

Check for drugs in your drink with these test strips.Us ladies will not put up anymore with these low lives that want to sedate us in order to rape us. Fortunately, WomenOnGuard.com, now sells DrinkSafe strips!

DrinkSafe Test Strips are simple, 3.5 x 2.5 inch strips or cards. You can keep them in your purse or pocket when you go out to a bar or party. Use them to check for date rape drugs! Be it an alcoholic beverage or not, you can check it for a bad substance very easily. All us women have to do, is place 2 drops with our finger or a straw on the pink and green circles. If they turn into a different color (other than just darker when wet), the beverage is tainted with a drug! For example, if the green colored circle turns blue instead of just darker because it is wet… someone has added a drug to your beverage!

Keep in mind that both the top and the bottom circles need to be wetted. Either the left 2 circles or the right 2 circles. Each strip contains 2 separate tests (4 circles). You can purchase the 5 strips package which really contains a total of 10 tests! Or, you can purchase the 10 strips package which really offers you 20 tests.

A very simple solution to an ever increasing date rape issue around the world. So go out there and drink safely… But don't drink too much!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Simple Personal Alarm, Also Helps Against Breast Cancer

Simple panic personal alarm with proceeds toward fighting breast cancer.If you are a person that just wants a simple and small personal alarm, without any extra features that you don't need, this is the perfect one for you! Plus, it helps victims of BREAST CANCER.

The most interesting thing about this simple and small unit, is that you don't have to feel for a special button to set it off. When you are in a panic and dangerous situation, all you have to do, is squeeze the sides of the Pink Personal Panic Alarm! This in itself, is an automatic reaction, when a person is in danger… they tightly squeeze their hands into a fist. It's that simple to use! Plus, while it helps you, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer, as well!

This 85 decibel unit does come with the basic required parts of a personal alarm. An LED light, for nighttime safety, a belt clip and a curved loop for attaching your keys.

Not bad for a small, panic alarm! Just attach it to your keys or clip it to your purse, belt or pocket. Batteries included.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New 7 Million Volt Stun Baton

We just added a new self defense item in our store and it's a Stun Baton with 7 Million Volts, making it the most powerful weapon in it's category.

Replace the baseball bat, for this long 18 inch stun baton for protection against home intruders
These weapons are also used by the police force and are an excellent weapon for home protection. The Nightstick Stun Baton 7 Million Volts, reaches 18" away. It's the biggest unit we sell, besides the expandable ones in our store.

Stun batons have taken over the baseball bats that many people used for home protection, back in the day. It's not surprising, since they reach far, have an LED flashlight to see better in the dark and you can shock a home intruder, with just a touch of a button. Simply touching an intruder with it, can drop him down, since it affects his muscles and also will make him disoriented and be in an mental daze. The only thing the intruder might be able to do, is move his eyes! This of course, is all temporary, and will not cause any permanent damage to the individual.

You can also take the Nightstick Stun Baton 7 Million Volts when you go hiking, camping or even while walking your dog, to prevent aggressive canines from hurting your pet. Features include an LED Flashlight, 2 "Grab Guard" shocking side strips which prevents a home intruder from taking it from you with their hands and it's also rechargeable, no batteries needed. This 18 inch product also has a safety switch with red warning light, besides the activation button. This prevents accidental discharges. It also has a rubberized armor coating, to protect the unit and to prevent it from slipping from your fingers.

So, if you are still holding on to that old baseball bat, it's time to bury it and replace it with this powerful, 7 Million Volt, non lethal self defense weapon. Plus as an added bonus, it includes a nylon holster and a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defect!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lifeguard Stun Gun Now Available in Pink!

We introduced last month the black version of this affordable $24.71 and now, it's also available in pink for women. Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight BREAST CANCER!

Lady Lifeguard Pink Stun Gun is small. It only measures 4" long x 1" thick x 1.5" wide and fits in any purse or pocket. It's very handy to carry with you when you go to work, college or when you are just going about your business. With 2.5 Million volts of self defense protection, there is no doubt that people won't want to mess with ya! But lets keep it a secrete amongst us women… Nobody has to know that we are carrying a powerful stun gun for self defense weapon! Just touch someone with this small, powerful, yet affordable beauty and watch them fall to the ground! Plus, since some of the money from your purchase goes to fight Breast Cancer, it will also help someone in need of a cure!
The women's Lady Lifeguard Pink Stun Gun has proceeds to fight breast cancer.
- Powerful 2.5 million volts
- Affordable, only $24.71
- Rechargeable, just plug in
- Rubberized, for better grip
- Small, easy to hide
- Large LED flashlight
- Convenient safety switch
- Black nylon holster

You will be impressed with this affordable yet powerful, Lady Lifeguard Pink Stun Gun for self defense! Test it out by aiming it into the air, and watch plus listen to its terrifying spark! You can even scare away aggressive dogs, by just the sound it makes. Women can't go wrong with this little pink weapon for only $24.71 that helps Breast Cancer research, as well.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring is Here… It's Time for Us Women to Go Outdoors and Enjoy the Fresh Air!

It's that time of the year when flowers bloom and trees get their green leaves. Although some of us have allergies, a little medication, takes care of all that!

When was the last time you went out to enjoy a walk in the park alone, in the Spring? What about going to an art festival? Have you been reading a book lately out in the fresh air by yourself? Why not just lay on a park bench and listen to music? If you enjoy all the above, but are adamant about hanging out alone in public parks or for that matter, exercising outdoors… There is a solution for us women.

A non lethal, Self Defense Weapon, will empower us women to go wherever we want to chill or hang out in the Spring. Women can get their confidence back and feel free to go anywhere they wish, just like guys do. Even if you just want to go around your block, to walk off your dinner! Empower yourself with a pepper spray, stun gun, personal alarm or even a Taser C2! A self defense weapon such as a pepper spray, can be as inexpensive as only $6! Why not enjoy more quality time when the weather is so nice outdoors?

Women by nature, don't like violence and a non lethal personal defense weapon is empowering yet won't kill anyone and won't land you in jail. Now, get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Most Affordable $6 Pepper Spray

Not only is it affordable, just $6, it is also very compact. It contains the average 1/2 ounce solution that other defense sprays on the market have.

Pepper Shot pepper spray with a convenient quick key release keychain.You are probably wondering how can it be smaller and yet contain the same amount of the hot solution? The reason it's smaller, is because it doesn't have a plastic container around it, like most other products have. The Pepper Shot is less bulky and it even has a key release keychain attached, that most other pepper sprays don't have!

Pepper Shot Features
• Affordable, only $6
• Key release keychain
• Belt clip
• Compact, 1/2 ounce can
• UV Dye to ID attacker
• Reaches up to 7 feet
• Contains 5 to 6 bursts

The Pepper Shot is affordable, compact and does the same thing other defense sprays on the market do. PLUS it has a convenient key release keychain. Enabling you, for example, to open your home door and at the same time, spray an attacker. Just put it in your purse, backpack or briefcase. Or simply clip it to your pocket or belt... Not bad for just $6! Just make sure that you have it in your hand and ready to shoot, if you suspect that there is danger nearby.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stylish Perfume Pepper Spray at Reduced Price!

Our Special Offers category, has just added a disguised weapon, for women's self defense. It only costs $8.95 and it's a perfect addition for smart women who don't like to take any chances when out and about.

Photo by peretzp
We use lipstick or perfume on a regular basis, so if one of us pulls this stylish Perfume Pepper Spray Round Shape 17% for self defense, nobody will think twice about it. That is the beauty of having a disguised weapon!

Disguised pepper spray for women, offers an element of surprise against attackers.What makes this $8.95 item, different from others out there for us women? Well, it looks like a lipstick or perfume, but it offers an element of surprise as well. An aggressive man will not think twice when he sees you pull out this item. When you shoot this stylish 17% pepper spray toward his eyes, they will cry and burn so much that he will literally have to shut them from the pain it causes, making him temporarily blind, too! Plus, his face will feel like it's on fire... This will give you an opportunity to escape safely from him. This disguised weapon also has a UV Dye, which marks the aggressor and helps authorities identify him, if captured.

The stylish Perfume Pepper Spray for women, can shoot 5 to 6 shots and reach approximately 6 to 7 feet away for self defense. All you have to do, is take the cap off and spray away! It's available in pink or purple (black is sold out), for just $8.95. Hurry before these price reduced items are gone!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FDA: Smokers Can Now Use Nicotine Gums for Longer Periods of Time

FDA suggests smokers can use nicotine gums for longer periods of time.
This is the latest information coming from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for American smokers. Previously cigarette smokers could only use the product for 12 weeks. 

But the FDA advise's smoking Americans, to seek medical supervision if they want to extend the use of nicotine gums. This will guard from any possible medical complications that could occur while using these products extensively.

The reasoning behind this change from the FDA, is that if cigarette smoking consumers could have the chance to use the nicotine gum for a longer period of time, they might be more likely to quit the cigarette habit. Most smokers stop using the gum after 12 weeks, as per the direction on the packaging of these products. But if they were given a chance to continue with the nicotine gum, with medical supervision, it might be easier to quit the smoking habit all together.

Source: NBC News

Monday, April 1, 2013

Safety Night Light Made with Small Children in Mind

Little girl sleeping with her doll.
Photo by Andrew Stawarz

If you are a parent of a toddler, you know that they will touch everything they can get their hands on. Wall outlets are of major concern when it comes to children's safety.

Most children like to have a light on at night, when it's time to go to bed. Parents usually buy one that is just bright enough for them not to be scared so they can fall asleep. These little imaginary monster killers come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them lack one important feature, your child's safety.

Toddlers don't become victims of electric shock when using the Safety Night Light.The Automatic Safety Night Light is tamper resistant. Parents know that toddlers can be very nosey when it comes to interesting new things. Unfortunately, many have become victims of electric shock from wall outlets, simply because of their curiosity. This tamper resistant beauty is perfect for toddlers. The night light covers the entire wall plate, including the light bulb, for safety. It's also screwed on, so it can't be taken off by children. The included 4 watt bulb is cool burning and guaranteed for 3 years. Plus, it goes on automatically at dusk and turns off at dawn.

This is just one less thing parents have to worry about, when it comes down to preventing their children from getting hurt.

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