Monday, April 22, 2013

Leaving For Vacation Or Away From Home Often?

This convenient timer will turn your lamps on or off while you are away. Potential home intruders will think twice, before entering your house or apartment, if they have any brains at all!

Deter home intruders with an easy to program GE electric timer.The GE Programmable Easy Reach Timer, is not digital, but rather works with pegs. There is no need to read complicated instructions to program it, that only the manufacturers could understand…  This programmable GE product also has a lengthy 5 foot cord. Most timers just connect to the wall socket but with this convenient item, there is no need to break your back by kneeling down and turning it on or off or to adjust the settings. Just simply place it, for example, on top of an end table. The pegs can be adjusted but not removed, so you won't have to worry about loosing them or your pet, swallowing one! It even has an attractive, convenient protective cover, as well. Plus, it can also be used for other items besides lamps, such as a Christmas tree or rotating fan.

GE Programmable Easy Reach Timer Features
- Can be programed in 30 minute intervals
- Convenient override switch
- Slick, protective cover
- Adjustable, but non removable pegs
- Easy to reach if placed on top of a table
- For indoor use only
- 1 Year warranty included
- Made by General Electric

This easy to use, programmable item is a must for anyone that frequently is away from home. Buy one or more than one, to use them in different parts of your home. Deter home intruders, which avoid entering places where some sort of activity is going on. Lamps switching off and on, will make any home intruder, stay away!

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