Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pepper Spray, Personal Alarm, Strobe Light, Quick Release Holster, All from a Distance of 15 Feet Away!

As far as we know, there is no other product available out there, with these 5 powerful features in a self defense weapon! 

Pepper spray for women that can reach 15 feet for self defense
This amazing weapon for women called the Tornado, comes with 5 important features for protecting us. First of all, it has pepper spray to shoot at an attacker's eyes and face. Second, it also includes a 125 decibel personal alarm. The alarm lets others know you are in danger and deters an attacker from harming you. Third, it has a bright Strobe Light. This strobe light temporarily blinds the attacker… So now you have hot pepper burning in an individual's eyes, who is temporarily blind, along with the unstoppable chocking, and you pretty much have a helpless would have been attacker! Plus fourth, as if all the above wasn't enough… The Tornado also has a convenient quick release or as the manufacturer likes to call it, a Speed Release Holster!

Now, for the 5th and the most impressive self defense feature of this amazing 5 in one self defense weapon for women… The Tornado can shoot pepper spray, up to 15 FEET AWAY! Way more than the average distance other defense sprays have, which averages from 5 to 8 feet. Reaching 15 feet, allows you to stay at a safer distance from an attacker.

By now you might think that all has been shared… Nope, we also want to mention that it includes safety features to prevent it from being used accidentally. Plus, if you wear the holster that comes with it, you can quickly release the pepper spray and activate the alarm and strobe light, all at once and in about 1 second! Hence the name, Speed Release Holster. Oh, did we mention that it's available in pink or black?

OK, we're done… You women can breath now. Just keep this baby in mind. There's nothing out there like the Tornado. Best of all, unlike other sprays, it can reach 15 feet away!

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