Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Simple Personal Alarm, Also Helps Against Breast Cancer

Simple panic personal alarm with proceeds toward fighting breast cancer.If you are a person that just wants a simple and small personal alarm, without any extra features that you don't need, this is the perfect one for you! Plus, it helps victims of BREAST CANCER.

The most interesting thing about this simple and small unit, is that you don't have to feel for a special button to set it off. When you are in a panic and dangerous situation, all you have to do, is squeeze the sides of the Pink Personal Panic Alarm! This in itself, is an automatic reaction, when a person is in danger… they tightly squeeze their hands into a fist. It's that simple to use! Plus, while it helps you, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer, as well!

This 85 decibel unit does come with the basic required parts of a personal alarm. An LED light, for nighttime safety, a belt clip and a curved loop for attaching your keys.

Not bad for a small, panic alarm! Just attach it to your keys or clip it to your purse, belt or pocket. Batteries included.

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