Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stylish Perfume Pepper Spray at Reduced Price!

Our Special Offers category, has just added a disguised weapon, for women's self defense. It only costs $8.95 and it's a perfect addition for smart women who don't like to take any chances when out and about.

Photo by peretzp
We use lipstick or perfume on a regular basis, so if one of us pulls this stylish Perfume Pepper Spray Round Shape 17% for self defense, nobody will think twice about it. That is the beauty of having a disguised weapon!

Disguised pepper spray for women, offers an element of surprise against attackers.What makes this $8.95 item, different from others out there for us women? Well, it looks like a lipstick or perfume, but it offers an element of surprise as well. An aggressive man will not think twice when he sees you pull out this item. When you shoot this stylish 17% pepper spray toward his eyes, they will cry and burn so much that he will literally have to shut them from the pain it causes, making him temporarily blind, too! Plus, his face will feel like it's on fire... This will give you an opportunity to escape safely from him. This disguised weapon also has a UV Dye, which marks the aggressor and helps authorities identify him, if captured.

The stylish Perfume Pepper Spray for women, can shoot 5 to 6 shots and reach approximately 6 to 7 feet away for self defense. All you have to do, is take the cap off and spray away! It's available in pink or purple (black is sold out), for just $8.95. Hurry before these price reduced items are gone!

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