Thursday, April 25, 2013

Police Strength Pepper Spray for Women's Self Defense

This Mace product is larger than other pepper sprays. It's the same size police use, containing 18 grams versus most other products that have 11 grams. 

Mace police model pepper spray for women's personal protection.As all other Mace personal defense products, this item has 10% of the devastating hot substance, for your personal protection against an attacker. It's called the Mace PepperGard Pepper Spray Police Model. Anyone you aim it at, will know you mean business! This larger self defense model is still small enough to hide in a women's purse, but it has a belt clip that offers the flexibility of just attaching it to your pocket or pants. The PepperGard model also includes an ergonomic hand grip that makes it easy to use, with no confusion of aiming it properly. The case includes a safe and convenient flip top, that makes it easy to lift and press down for shooting a hot stream of devastation aimed at an attacker! The flip top also protects the unit from accidental discharge. It also includes a handy key chain, for you to add your keys on, making it very convenient and faster to access!

The PepperGard Police model, self defense pepper spray for women or men, can reach up to 12 feet and contains 10, one second shots or up to 20 quicker ones. The solution comes out as a stream, like most personal protection products do. This makes it heavier and less likely for the hot substance to blow back at you, in windy conditions.

Women should carry some sort of self defense item in our society. Make sure you choose one that is reliable and easy to use. Check out all our Mace personal protection sprays.

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