Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Women On Guard® Has a Huge Selection of Mace Products!

If you are looking to purchase a Mace product, you need to check our website, We have 52 products made by this reliable brand.

Female passenger in public city bus.

To be exact, at, we have 47 pepper spray products by Mace, 2 home protection ones and 3 personal alarm or emergency alert ones. Which amounts to a total 52 products! Browse through our Mace Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms and Home Protection categories, where you are sure to find quality items at reasonable prices.

Our largest category, of course, are the self defense sprays. They come in many sizes and shapes. Some are disguised to look like objects such as lipstick… Others, have foam or gel instead of the conventional liquid stream solution. Many have glow in the dark, locking safety caps, as well. All these self defense sprays come with UV Dye, to identify an aggressor, if captured by police!

Self defense Mace sprays for women and menAt, you will find information describing all these 52 products. Such as how far the pepper products can reach, the amount of bursts and how much solution each container has. Plus, remember that the Mace pepper brand has been around for decades and is very reliable to use as a self defense weapon, against aggressors by women as well as men. Their Alarms are also very dependable.

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