Friday, April 19, 2013

Check out Our Package Deals and Save Money

If you browse our website and see more than one item that you like... You may want to consider checking out our grouped self defense items. You might find that the products you want, will already be together at a reduced price!

Pepper spray pen and strongest stun gun, with 8 million volts, for self defense.We have several ongoing offers on our website under the Package Deals Category. So far there are 12 different self defense groups to choose from, that us women would benefit from. 2 Groups help victims of Breast Cancer, since proceeds for 2 of the items included, go towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer. 3 Groups are dedicated toward College students or professors. They focus on items for general campus areas and dorm protection. We also carry packages geared toward just women, toward home protection, for people who exercise outdoors or people that just want pepper spray in different sizes… There's even a package that contains a solar radio that can also be hand cranked for when power outages or storms occur! Very handy to have in any home!

All these Package Deals eventually amount to self defense or protection. There are regular looking pepper spray and disguised pepper spray, personal and home alarms, stun guns, door brace, digital timer, kubotans, disguised safes, flashlights and more!

Take a quick look at the products that are there for women's self defense including the 2 which benefit Breast Cancer research, as well.

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